♥ My heart is a mess for I've given it to the wrong men. Without questions, without expectations; With only one exception: The only thing I've ever asked for;The only thing I've ever expected Was for their love in return. But without exception, without fail Each one took my heart, Crumpled it up, and threw it away. Like my love was worthless, a simple piece of trash; Something that was easily and ...frequently discarded. So now pieces of my heart are floating around, Like pieces of paper tumbling in the wind And I have to gather them up. But some of them will be lost; Some of them Im not able to find But those pieces that I do regain, I will try to put back together with what remains So my fragmented heart will once again be whole. For now I realize that it isn't worthless My love is valuable, priceless And I'm saving it for someone who will treasure it; Who will treat it like a special gift That I've given to him and no one else!!!! ♥


Ladies, if you are constantly praying that he change & you still see no results. Then maybe God is trying to show you, either he is not the one for you or to stop doing HIS job. Let go & let God. The hardest thing for me was to let go of a relationship I was in for yrs but still being good friends. I love from a distance, pray constantly & do me to the fullest...I've been through a lot, but never will I allow one dude to dominate me nor my kids. There were times I did what I had to do, but my children were never on the back-burner. My focus is on maintaining not crowds nor a man. That will come as long as I put God 1st, love me, and take care of my kids. #stay-strong

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Praise the Lord!!!! GOD Bless you all who take the time out to read my blogs and discussions and to comment on them.. Yes you are so right Elder Denny and we learn as we go.. I know I have and I'm the Bride of Jesus too..God has healed me and has taught and teaching me everyday...Have a bless and encouraged day!!


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