We thank God for the unadulterated Word Of God!  As we expound on the daily Scriptures, we will attempt to analyze each Verse, so that we can get a full (better) understanding of what God is saying to us.  In these studies, we will not have any heated debates or arguments.  We all have different opinions, so let us respect what one another has to say because even though my opinion may differ from yours, each Scripture has various meanings, but the same concept or idea, which may mean the same thing, so our opinions doesn't necessarily mean that any of them are wrong; I think that we should be optimistic in knowing that whatever we have to say could very well be the truth, so I would love for each of you to voice what's in your minds and your hearts with the utmost respect to God the Father & our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit... and also to each other.  So let us share our Knowledge and enlighten each other as we walk through God's Word...Let us make this special time Spiritual, enjoyable and a fun exploration.  Thank you all so much and I pray that you enjoy this time with God and be Blessed in the Word, daily!  Love & Peace, ~EarthAngel~

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The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the Son of David, the Son of Abraham: 

There are four gospels with a different emphasis in each. 

   Matthew wrote to the Jews,
   Mark to the Romans,
   Luke to the Gentiles, and
   John to everyone.

There are extensive quotations from the Old Testament in Matthew, more than in any other gospel.

Matthew began his book with a presentation of the ancestry of Jesus Christ.  (1:1-17) because of its strategic argument for the Messiah. Matthew presented the genealogy of Joseph, and Luke presented the genealogy of Mary.  (Lu 3) Thus, we have both a legal line and the blood line of Jesus.  Matthew proved that Jesus had the legal right to the throne of David. He had the the judicial and prophetic right to the throne. (2 Sa 7:8-18; Ps 89:20-37)


Yesterday Philippians 3:17b
Today Philippians 3:18
Wednesday 11/23/11
Monday - Friday

study the bible
Philippians 3:18 
 "For many walk of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ."

Verses 18 and 19 discuss the enemies of the cross. The chapter closes like it began, "Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the mutilation." (3:2) To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

For many walk of whom I have told you often

In verse 17 Paul encouraged the Philippians to mark out those who are mature. Mature believers live on earth as if they were already in heaven. (v.20) Now by graphic contrast he sets forth the flip side–those who detract from growth. The negative crowd we run with, influences our values.

This is a major problem for teenagers who are in the "identity crisis." They gain their identity from what others in their group think about them. Teens are vulnerable to the crowd. When they are by themselves they seem to be fine. When they run with the crowd that is another story. They are easily led. Group pressure sweeps them along in values they would not otherwise hold. If they get into the right crowd where they can see living, flesh and blood, examples of those who walk with the Lord, the impact will be for good.

Paul reminded the Philippians many times of those who would detract from their lives. He told them "often." Paul employed "redundancy" as a valuable device. Leadership takes responsibility to constantly warn their followers of danger.

PRINCIPLE: Good leadership identifies negative influences and structures countervailing principles into the people they lead.

APPLICATION: As a leader in your home, do you forewarn your family about negative influences? Peer pressure cannot transcend fifteen years of values inculcated into the life. If our teens are secure enough in themselves that they can stand against the crowd, they have reached a maturity beyond most. If we are to build teens who are independent of social pressure, we need to communicate biblical convictions at a young age. We need many young men and women who, like Daniel, dare to stand alone.

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And thank you my Sister for being one of my Faithful Students in the Lord! We must study to show ourselves approved unto God! Continue to keep Prayer Warriors in your Prayers...Love ya Much! ~EA~
Giving honor to God and His Word,let's praise Him together. In response to this powerful lesson I would 1st like to express my heartfelt thanks and I extend my prayers to you "Earth Angel" for being led of God and obeying His unctioning. I am fascinated with the account of Jesus and satan found in the Gospel of Matthew. This report teaches me several important and most relevant facts: Fasting helps to develop the Fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22) that every Spirit filled believer has and after fasting temptation shall follow.(Matt 4:2) I believe that in essence such a temptation acually becomes the greatest reward and sign to the believer that he/she has passed the greater test which would be the denying of ones flesh.For after fasting as Jesus did for that 40 day span, nothing of fleshly reward could possibly be appealing to Him, in fact it would most defiantly be absurd one would think. Given by way of our greatest example I sense that while Jesus may have been tempted, that the depth of His experience with satan, in my heart was revealed as He showed forth fruit (proof) of His newly acquired Spirit by longsuffering,(Heb 2:16-18) being faithful to Gods word,(Matt 4:4) and displaying great self-control.(Matt 4:7). In a small kind of way I would even venture to say that He even showed much love for His Father.(Matt 4-10) by pledging His allegiance to true worship as well as great meekness by even indulging satan and his whimsical scheme.(Matt 4:5 and 4:8) Notice that after His tempting was complete The Angels of the Lord were sent to Minister to Him. (To pour back into Him,to comfort Him, to feed and replenish Him...etc..) I do not believe that during the life and times of our Lord that He EVER had to prove HIMSELF (in terms of being suitable) nor HIS ministry for when we are called and sent it is GOD who proves us through Salvation, Sanctification and Justification which are done by His grace. The temptation of Jesus proves that tho we shall be tempted,even in this body which is prone to sin that if we adhere to Gods Word we are able to avoid and deviate from sin.
Thank you again, I am encouraged, God bless.
Awesome teaching of Principle and practical application thankyou.
Jesus(Mt. 4:1-11)Moses(Dt.9:9-10:10)Joshua(Ex.24:13-18;32:15-17)and Elijah(1Ki.19:7-18) all fasted for 40 days. Each one of these men of God were choosen,annointed,and great warriors in the faith. As I study the major and minor prophets the men/women of the Bible I learn that many fasted: Ahab,Judah,Ezra,Nineveh,Nehemiah,the Jews,David,John the Baptist,The Disciples,Anna,Church at Antioch,Paul,Cornelius,Many Churches,David,Daniel, Pharisee, Israel,Esther and Mordecai,Many People,Paul and 276 men, yes they all fasted but not for the duration of 40 days (if so it was unknown to record). It makes me wonder why only a few actually fasted for the duration of the 40 day period. It also makes me look at myself in terms of applying the principle of Fasting and Praying. This has been good for me, thankyou "Earth Angel" for your obedience to God. God bless you.
Oh my Sister, thank you for this Meat and Gravy! I am so humbled that you are a part of this Group and this Study. As I give to everyone what God gives to me, it is of great gratitude that I share His most Holy and Powerful Word! I am his humble Servant and it's with Honor that I present His most Holy Daily Bread! Sister Sandra you are so seasoned in the Word of God and you have truly preached a Sermon to me today! I am not a person of many words but I am here to learn and to grow in His great knowledge. Thank you for your presence and continue to share your heart! Blessings, ~EA~
Thank you very much, and to God be the glory for I am nothing...really! God bless your obdience....love you in Christ.
Thank you Sweet Sister for this study. I fell into temptation 6 months. ago. I felt it coming on but did not resist and as a result it caused me to backslide. I'm not back to the place where I need to be but am seeking Him daily to be restored. This study has helped and encouraged me greatly God Bless You.
Luci, please understand that at some point and time we are all tempted and we do fall down. The beauty of being in Christ Jesus is that our sins are covered by the blood of Jesus which means should we sin, if we confess our sins,(1Jn 1:9) God will forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Confession is the key here not to a Father behind a curtian in some booth, but on our knees in our heart to God. When we confess our sins and REPENT, meaning that we turn away from that SIN completely then we have faith to know at that point we are forgiven. At such time we are restored. We can never get to the place that we need to be completely that is why Gods grace is sufficient. Say this prayer with me..."Father I have sinned against thee,and you alone. I am sorry Lord Jesus for the sins that I have committed in my body and I repent by declaring this day that I will no longer welcome fornication,or the like as I am your child striving to become the Woman of God that you have purposed me to be. Lord thankyou for your grace and mercy, and please help me to know your will for my life,help me to KNOW you through your word and applying YOUR WORD to the situations in my life that find me weak. In the Name of Jesus I pray AMEN"
Go as the Father has said to many....and sin no more! If you have said this prayer in earnest sincerity unto the Father you are Forgiven, Now!!!! not tommorrow,not later on next week, not when YOU get it right but NOW, and with you will suffer no condenmation. So stop beating yourself up. Walk in liberty and know that no weapon formed against you will prosper.NONE!!!!! God knows your struggle, and he knows your heart. He loves you dearly, and He wants you to be VICTORIOUS. Be strong Luci and remember this powerful lesson on temptation the next time you are tempted say these words(get your Bible or go online and look up this Scripture and study it, find out what it means to you, what God is saying to you)There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man:but God is faithful who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able: but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it. (1 Corinthians 10:13)
We sin because we desire too, not because we have to or are forced to. God bless you lady, and I love you in Christ Jesus. Remember God Forgives instantly.....
God Bless you Sister Luci and please take heed to everything that Sister Sandra has spoken because we all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God, so nobody's perfect and Luke 4:10 states: For it is written, He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee: And that Blesses me to know that the Angels has got my Back!!! So even though you've sinned guess what? He gave you a way of escape just like the Word said He would, so that lets you know that He was there all the time, Amen? When you fell by the way side, He was right there to pick you up and carry you, until you were able to stand on your own 2 feet...Aint God Good? Girl, you ought to be rejoicing right now, Hallelujah! You're already restored, so get up and walk in Victory, not defeat! You are more than a conqueror in Christ, so take up your bed (body, mind & soul) and walk into your destiny! You are a child of the King because you are his Queen, so pick yourself up, dust yourself off and act like the Queen that you were created to be!!! A sure way to complete your Victory is to find others who's experiencing right now, what you just went through; go and volunteer in a Shelter for a day and just ask God to send someone across your path that you can be a Blessing to. You think you're having problems, just look around you my Sister...people are hurting! Make yourself useful in finding someone that you can minister to and in turn, this will allow God to complete the healing process in you. You have prayed the prayer of Faith and repentance, now it's time to share your Blessings of deliverance. You're equipped with the Holy Ghost, the Angels and your Sword...Now go forth this day, in Jesus' Mighty Name!!! Why do you think that you're a part of Prayer Warriors? Because you ARE a Warrior, which means that you will never be defeated by satan's tactics ever again, Amen? Love ya much! ~EarthAngel~
This lesson makes me really consider in depth the wiles of the tempter. He is a trip, he really is. I seem to be STUCK in the point about the stone/bread. I am wondering why he choose to tempt Jesus with something that He already had and was. Is he just that stupid or what?Jesus is the bread of life (John 6:35) and the stone (Psalm 118:22) that the builders rejected that became the Chief Cornerstone. (our foundation). He tempted Jesus to turn the stones into loaves of bread. I must study more, because now I am wondering what satan knew about bread and stones(a rock-petra) that we don't particulary know. It is obvious He was mocking Jesus but why? Point number 7 in your list helps me to understand further how he tempts us to use valid things in a invalid way. Wow, this is beautiful. Thankyou "EarthAngel" for your obiedience to God.
I am grappling with the statement entered here as such:An attempt at sensation is the sin of presumption of trust rather than trust itself.Today's lesson is awesome in that it reinforces the fact that as Disciples we must KNOW the word of God for ourselves. I find it interesting that one would think that Jesus after being tempted by satan would consider him sincere. Personally as I am growing in the Word, I have something greater inside of me that helps me understand a fake from a authentic representative,a lie from the truth,and a sincere or should I say one who is meek from one who is insincere and self righteous/self seeking. That greater something indeed is the HOLY SPIRIT that helps me know what I would otherwise not know. I have found satan to be extremely precise in terms of QUOTING Gods word, word for word and I do mean word for word, trust me he loves to quote Scripture and with accurracy but ultimately the understanding of any Scripture whether given by inspiration, through sincere or insincere men, channeled through various religious doctrines or beliefs,etc..etc comes by Revelation. God must reveal His word to the heart of man. In my opinion sincerity or insincerity is not the litmus test here. The acid test is wheter the one quoting the Scripture has the Truth, and that Truth IS Jesus Christ. Jesus is the way the Truth and the life, and He that has the Son has life but He who does not have the Son does not have Life. In closing,,,mankind has argued Truth down through the ages, please, every religion per se:Budist, Catholics,Judaism,Muslims,Mormons,Jehovahs Witnesses(cults) etc,etc, claims to have the truth and and are astute in their knowledge and reciting of the Holy Scriptures. They not only claim to have the truth but the absolute truth, and maybe they do as it relates to that which the world believes. Truth that can be disputed and tested, measured,debated,and tried and proven,but only those who have the Truth have the truth, and it is as simple as that. It doesn't matter how sincere or insincere one is, it doesn't matter if one quotes the Scripture word for word or miss out a few words, or knows the Bible from A-Z if one does not acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and believe and recieve such Truth into their hearts allowing that Truth to transform their lives then ultimately what they live,think, and believe is nothing more than false. Lies. Christ Jesus is the Truth that stands alone. He is revealed. He is the only Truth, all else is false.
iam glad to join your group thank you evangelist pastor susie houston
Wow! Again a powerful lesson only because it makes me look back over my life. You know sometimes we tend to forget just how far the Father has brought us. I can remember loving God but not knowing God. As a child I went to church because I loved my grand pa and the big quarter ice cream cones that he would treat me with afterwards. As a teenager I was out there sowing my oats as the elders would phrase it. As a young adult I really wasn't ready to walk in the will of God either. I will be truthful, I was a hypocrite because I was a blatant sinner and I was attending church faithfully. But when I look back over my life and then look in the mirror, I see that I am still here, I see a few scars but I see that I am still alive. Whats more is that many and almost all of the sinners that I were in union (my partners if you will....)are dearly departed. In other words they are dead and gone. That blows my mind to think, why am I still here? I was every bit as much of a sinner as my buddies were, we were all defiantly out of the will of God for our lives but God spared me. Little oh me! I can remember the many close calls with domestic violence in terms of being a near casuality but every single time God showed up to keep the devour from destroying me. I can remember the times when my lifestyle was absolutely a shame before God but yet my Father kept me, He protected me. As a youth I was very hardhead and headstrong, nobody could tame me, but GOD!!!!! He Kept me......I remember the time that I was homeless and attending AA meetings, my car stalled and I had a deadline to report in to the shelter, I was scared to death in the middle of the street with my babies. Within a matter of seconds some man was at the back of my vehicle pushing it as I drove, once I was moved out of the street I turned to look as I proceeded to get out of the car to thank the man and whaalaa their was nobody to thank, the man whom I call MY ANGEL had vanished just like that. During that time I was way off course and entirely out of the will of God. What am I saying here. When you belong to God, no weapon that is formed against you will prosper. God has a expected end for all of His Children,and as a loving Father He will keep you from all hurt harm and danger. He does this because we have purpose. We are covered by the blood of Jesus. Many of us have lived outside of the will of God and yet his loving kindness,grace,and mercy has sustained us until we have come into our season, our deliverance, our purpose.
If it had not been for the greater one living on the inside of me (the deity of God) I am sure that I NEVER would have made it. In my own human strength I am nothing more than flesh and bone but through the power of God and through faith in Jesus we can do great things for He said to the people "greater things than these"(John 14:12). For years I was independent of Gods word and His will and yet I am still here. Glory to God,bless His holy name! Thank ya! Jesus!


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