Father, As I'm led by Your Spirit, I pray for women today. We lift ourselves to You God asking You to do a work in us, Your daughters. Father we have fallen short of Your glory, We have sinned against You Lord and we ask forgiveness today and God as You forgive us, help us to forgive others who have harmed us. Teach us how to even forgive ourselves. Lord we can grasp with our heads we are worthy to You but Lord we want to know it in the depths of our hearts and spirits. Father transform us from the inside! Create a clean heart within us! Renew a right and a steadfast spirit within us Your daughters today! Let our hearts know the love of You like never before! Father release us from the residue of our past! Cut every soul tie we have formed in sexual relationships by giving ourselves to people outside of Your covenant of marriage! Severe the emotional ties of bondage God! Free us from the enemy of ourselves that lurks in the shadows of our hearts, the enemy of lust and perversion, the enemy of low self esteem and shame, the enemy of abandonment and rejection, the enemy of jealousy and strife, the enemy of bitterness and loneliness, the enemy of rape, molestation, and incest, the enemy of pride and gossip, the enemies O God that want to steal, kill and destroy us from being Your daughters today! Lift us beyond the limitations of who we think we are and show us who we really are in Christ Jesus! God let us feel Your love in the most tangible way today. We desire to know You! We want to be Your Proverbs 31 Woman not just with our lips but with our actions Father!!! Lord we need You! We want You God! Lord for our the women who have yet to be saved, We ask You to save their souls! For those who are in crack houses, addicted to alcohol, drugs and sex Lord deliver today! For those who are prostituting them selves whether on a street corner, in a church, or in a relationship, Lord set free! For those who are suffering abuse, domestic violence Lord I pray that when a hand or fist is raised to strike them, Your angels shall already be dispatched! Release a way of escape to them God! the verbal abuse God, Shield them Lord! Don't allow the words of hatred to kill their spirits Lord. ....For the lady I see right now, cowered in a corner, hand raised to protect the left side of your mouth,You have a black eye, there a cut on the left side of your lip. You are so beautiful, but he is stripping the life out of you, you are tattered and torn . Your hair hasn't been combed for days because you just no longer have it in You...The angels have been released on Your behalf! You have cried and called out to God, He has heard YOU!!!! You and Your children shall be safe, He's giving to You a way of escape! Divine intervention! Divine intervention! Divine intervention! You shall NOT die!!!! God shall deliver You for His glory..Release...this is for someone on this page. God knows who you are......

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