Father, Thank You for every person that has connected with You through this group!

Lord, we know it was You who destined this moment in time! We yield ourselves, as humble servants, vessels that want to be used only for Your glory! Lord, we dare not rob You by trying to take credit for something we know fully we have not done! So we thank You God for Pink Pearls Of Grace! Let us be a light in darkness, let us speak Your word and shift atmospheres! Use us to bring forth change, real change into lives God! Give us boldness to speak Your truth even when we're persecuted for doing so! Father, we want to please You! For we choose to stand with You God! May we not compromise, may we not focus on being politically correct at the expense of the power of Your truth! Father we bless You for an opportunity to minister unto You O Lord!

Bless every heart, mind, body and spirit today to follow You! Bring forth change through Your manifested presence! God, We pray that every experience collides with a true encounter of Your glory!!! Shift ,Move, Change, Redirect, Release, Transform, Renew and Revive by Your Spirit today God!!! Father, Oh we pray for souls to be saved! We believe God, people will believe in their hearts JESUS, He is Your Son whom You raised from the dead they will confess it with their mouths! Thank You for Your saving grace! Release captives, heal broken hearts, take shackles off, heal bodies, heal emotional wounds, restore vitality, revive lives, revive dead marriages, revive barren wombs, BRING FORTH today Lord!!! Hopes and dreams, Visions, creative concepts, rekindle the passion that we once had for You!!! Open blind eyes, Cause the deaf to hear You!!!! Do it today God! You said, "We have not because we ask not"...I 'm asking O God! I'm not asking amiss but so You will be glorified! Pour out miracles, signs and wonders!!! I believe You! I trust You to do it and more God!!! I release Your word to do what You said it would! For it to accomplish the very thing which You sent it forth to do and YOUR WORD GOD, SHALL NEVER EVER RETURN UNTO YOU VOID!!!! I DECREE IT I DECLARE IT BY THE POWER AND THE AUTHORITY YOU HAVE GIVEN US THROUGH CHRIST JESUS AND IT IS IN HIS NAME WE PRAY, AMEN!!! AMEN!!! AMEN!!! IT IS SO!!!!

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