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The WORD Is Being Delivered In Springfield Ma, New Creation Discipleship Ministries


If you ever come to Springfield, Ma

WE our Strong in Faith, at our small church

New Creation Discipleship Ministries

893 Boston Road

Springfield Ma 01119

Google it for Directions

Lord Jesus

Heavenly father, In the Holy Name of Jesus

thy children {your Shepard's} petition thee,

we feel we are unable to see that which you have already prepared for us,

"When one door close another opens",

We Desire you to open our… Continue

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Hello I Have returned

I am now a married Man
He that findeth a wife.....
and I started my ministry {Church Historian}
New Creation Discipleship Ministries
893 Boston,Road
Springfield,Ma 01119
Stop By the church and Meet the Bishop C.Pink and The Overseer D.Pink
Come one Come all to fellowship
I am putting the website up on Ning so look for us

John 3:16

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WHy In The Name of GOD? Father in The Holy name of Jesus, Why me And why Now? The Leaders Do not respond Why?

Hello to The elite,

The Called and Chosen

to Deliver the messages { Word} from on High

I am has ask me To Address this Issue...

In The Name of Jesus amen

I am Van Stephen Thomas Born my First Baptism,{ I believe I was 7or 8} a light came upon me, Fearful I iasked my elder Brother {John Foster Thomas [1953-2003 RIP]} about it; his response was it was just Jesus you have nothing to worry about, When the… Continue

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Let's Try it thisWay! The Lord Giveth and The Lord Taketh Away

So Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus, Do you Truly Believe God Lives?

Why Has God Choose Now to reveal the Things That where Kept hidden?

The all Knowing all seeing; Living God, In Jesus name I search him out...have and continue you to ...

Not satisfied with the answers I recieve, I turn always to The Book of James 1:5-6 for that which is in the word

I am lead by the spirit, for I have turned off the nosie, the cell phone The Ipod, and tune in to God onlyI have… Continue

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Hello any one home~ NET one pearl too! Gospel of Thomas~ What is the Lord Revealing!?

God has a sense of humour ........and the Joke is on us!

In the beginning was the word,..... Alpha and Omega..the word

I am a seeker~ James 1:5 Knowledge and wisdom can be found {given}

by praying to The Lord [Iam that I am], is there a dispute?

It is in the Word after all

God Lives! His hand is in all that is.....Can that be disputed!?

It is written Everything is Created by him, there Is NOTHING that was Not!

Gospel of… Continue

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Heavenly Fathers Thy Saints Desire Your Power Manifest It self In The Holy Name of JESUS

FaTHER GOD iT iS i "

WHO HAVE SINNED many a time before they Face

It Is your Child that Desires you to embrace

This Prayer..

So In the Holy Name of Jesus,

No Long-suffering with this one LORD

Spare thy People Lord , "

SWINE FLU" Gone No more

I desire Jesus Power

We Know the Time is Drawing near for your return

The signs are there ``

Lord In the mighty Name of… Continue

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Back to work { The road to Damascus} the walk by Faith not by sight tour continues

I just had to take time

to Give

GOD the Glory........

he alone is the eyeopener his he Not

Praise you you Lord for another day

The complaints of the day I will hear many, from unlikely sources

I will trust in you LORD, In the Holy name Jesus

What's in a Name ? POWER

I will...continue to take my steps closer to Glory

There is a Plan for my Life which was discussed, long before my arrival


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THE seed

I enjoyed it may be you might just enjoy it to

The Seed

A successful business man was growing old and

knew it was time to choose a successor to take over the business..

Instead of choosing one of his Directors or his children,

he decided to do something different. He called all the young

executives in his company together.

He said, "It is time for me to step down and choose the next CEO.

I have decided to choose one of you.. "The… Continue

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As Iam that I am {which is who?}~ moves~ me about! Who Knew? Called Or tell! me Thank you JESUS!

THis long is something I wrote just before we meet

as you prepare for the truth

know the evil ONe~ SATAN~ is NOT happy,

I jumpedOVER to the GOOD {GOD} side of the fence, my powers are growing.


in the name of Jesus

Abba~ Father God I give you all the glory

I stand before you humbled you have been with me through out this journey,

through good times, rough times , and seemingly bad times,


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Happy easter

Today is MY Brother's birthday

John Foster Thomas

{ 4/12/1953---5/3/2003} his dash is meaningful to me:

for without his leadership {stewardship}

I would have never become me, if it were not 4 Him being Him

Thank you

Lord; for all the years he was my guide

So Lord In the name of Jesus, I give you the Glory,

why this family?


Our lives are Planned way… Continue

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The Skies The Limit


Mother's Day

Medieval Celebration

May 10 -13

3 nights they will Treasure

Hotel and Car Rental

Excalibur Hotel And Casino

Standard Package Price from 429.11 per person

Excalibur resort and casino is a magical castle with 3990 guest rooms and suites. The resort is home to Tournament of Kings dinner show & Australia's all-male review, Thunder From Down Under.… Continue

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The Skies The Limit ~ the Evangelist~ ask for a invite...I use it~ To give flight~ To the prayer! prayed the other nite

THE Home Of Basketball In Springfield ...

YES The True Home Of Basketball

~ I Believe I Can FLY~ MJ INDUCTED

BE There

Join in the celebrations

Value for your Buck See..e It Live

has the Booking engine of Value

THe Man The Myth The Legend....presents

September 11, 2009

The Inductees to

The Nasmith Basketball Hall of Fame… Continue

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please send traffic to my site

check out my blog....not only has the state frozen my assets

i lost all my on hand cash!?

and iam three days away from 53rd birthday, still i am grateful, so i have prayed for the poor and the homeless, what can i do to help them and myself out of poverty! 100,000 isn't middle class

that is just above poverty, How can help with moving the meek

{the staints to middle class status and above}

I… Continue

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AT the crossroads..... caught in the crosshairs

Life is what it is!

God day.....God is the eye opener

I don't mind telling you {my brothers and sisters}

My dreams are in reach, I am at the {point}crossroads....

So lord, your will be done!

Wow assests are frozen at this writing!?

They are trying to bring me to my knees!

{Sorry i just got there on my own praying} lol :-)

"Lord help me to hold out until my change comes"!

I am at the point of No return

Thank God, that within my… Continue

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