WHy In The Name of GOD? Father in The Holy name of Jesus, Why me And why Now? The Leaders Do not respond Why?

Hello to The elite,
The Called and Chosen
to Deliver the messages { Word} from on High
I am has ask me To Address this Issue...
In The Name of Jesus amen
I am Van Stephen Thomas Born 1955...at my First Baptism,{ I believe I was 7or 8} a light came upon me, Fearful I iasked my elder Brother {John Foster Thomas [1953-2003 RIP]} about it; his response was it was just Jesus you have nothing to worry about, When the Parking Lots Clears we {neighborhood kids } Will be playing baseball in the lot so u come on? He was the only one I mentioned it too!
Not until we where much older did we discussed it! Shortly before His Death {May of 2003}
Because we were worldly, {in every sense of the meaning} at young ages.....
Thugs, Drug Dealers, Drug addicted, Brothers, sons, Husbands, Fathers........
.In the world and of the world.....
Look I have to run Testiamony Wednesday is Today
The Main Reason for this writing!..... to make the Long Story Short
NAG Hammadi....why me and why not?
I am looking for feedback..........
They say, they know you Lord !?I continue to seek.......you out thy will for me Lord
KJV Bible
James was at first strict in enforcing conformity, inducing a sense of persecution amongst many Puritans;[85] but ejections and suspensions from livings became fewer as the reign wore on. A notable success of the Hampton Court Conference was the commissioning of a new translation and compilation of approved books of the Bible to confirm the divine right of kings to rule and to maintain the social hierarchy, completed in 1611, which became known as the King James Bible, considered a masterpiece of Jacobean prose.[86]

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