A vision dreamt to be.......

My heartfelt concern after hearing this past Sunday Bishop Kevin Dickerson preach a sermon, "pick me up, hold me up, build me up' from Galatians 6: 1 touched my heart so great I felt led to update my writings here from my heart to you, the body of believers. I searched my files and came across my own writings of 1993, "A vision dreamt to be"......Again, I encourage all pastors, elders, ministers to please keep your congregation on the spiritual alert...and yes - be attentive to their sharing with you what the Lord may be revealing to them as relates to ministry. Please respect their gifts and talents. Please!

My physical body felt weighted down and ultimately unable to be lifted up. But sometime or somewhere in the spiritual realm I was caught in the heavens to experience a glimpse of the wrestling warfare among the government of satan's fallen angels and the "ministering spirits" from God.
Whether or not I was in or out of my physical body I was uncertain. Whether caught up to the first or second heavens, I can not tell. God placed on my heart for God's people to forever "be strong in the Lord" (Ephesians 6) and to hold one another up in their most fervent prayers and exhortation.
Knowingly, there is an awesome ploy to destroy and attack again the "church" on the earth. At an unmeasurable distance from planet earth, I saw the cries in the prayers of true born-again Christians on earth. The prayers were reaching the throne of God. I also saw pastors and many leaders (representing certain churches and assemblies in strategic areas on earth) about to be attacked by a great army of giant, dark beings targeted towards not only the pastors, but the prayers to God. In my spirit I sensed a strong urgency to ward them off, by first warning the pastors with different signals. They could not readily hear nor see the warning, as they were flat on their faces crying, weeping, praying and crying out "saints of god, don't give up...hold on, hold on...Oh God, help us to hold on"...
There was an invisible , yet noticeable hedge or covering round about the entire circumference of these churches where the pastors were in the center. A strong ferocious wind (as the sound of a hurricane!) erupted. swift sounding waves, maneuvers, wrestlings, thunderous noises of anger and defeat were sensed in the celestial atmosphere. In my spirit aroused a defensive attitude as I saw giant beings swiftly approach me. As a skilled wrestler probably would, I dodged one and somehow went below it and caught one of them from behind grabbing its' neck with my right hand and arm; my left arm wrapped around its' legs. I crushed its' back and entire body! Much wrestling and warfaring in the heavens continued, yet the prayers on planet earth could yet be heard in the midst of all this warring noise. Total defeat was not yet realized; however in my sleep I believe my spirit came back in my physical body ( I suppose) and as I was speaking in an unknown tongue with much tears, my arms and body regaining strength, I still could hear from a distance the prayers now on the earth, yet reaching the throne of God!
When I finally "woke up" the Holy Ghost encouraged me to tell the church to "be strong and of good courage...exhort one another while it is called today, yet keep the burden for the lost in sin and remind them that now is the accepted time, today is the day of salvation!"
To the readers of this, may I solicit your most fervent prayers towards the burden for those dead in sin (sinners) and the keeping those dead to sin (Christians).
The "principalities, rulers of the darkness of this world" as referred to Ephesians 6 are real! Don't fool yourself. I only saw a glimpse of this in the spirit world as God permitted. Truly, this was a vision dreamt to be!....
Those of you who know me since then know I personally experienced many a battle and spiritual experiencing both success and defeat but from all this as I share with many to this date, allow yourself open more to the things of God concerning your fellowship amongst each other, your relationships, your loved ones, your marriages, etc....one of Pauls writings always shows his intent was ALWAYS inviting whenever he says, "let us"...check it out more in your research in the New Testament writings and do all you know to do to allow your gifts and talents edify the body of Christ...I love you all. Do pray my strength in the Lord

Elder Donald Perry

*******HIS MERCY TO ME IS REAL!******

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