1. Learn the native tongue in which one reads his/her Bible, For example master the English language if the Bible is to be read in English, Spanish, Etc.
2. Give the same literal meanings to words, and apply to the Bible the same rules of grammar, figures of speech, types, symbols, allegories, parables, poetry, prophecy, history, and all other forms of human expression if they were found outside the Bible.
3. Learn the Bible manners, customs, and peculiar Idioms.
4. Get acquainted with the geography of all Bible lands.
5. Get a general knowledge of the history of the Bible peoples and kingdoms so as to understand Bible History.
6. Get a general knowledge of the plan of God in the Bible- of the ages of Dispensation, And the ultimate purpose of God to defeat Satan, resume man’s dominion, rid the earth of all rebellion, and establish an eternal Kingdom on earth ruled by God, Christ and resurrected Saint’s( Gen.8:22 9:12 Isa.9:6-7 Lk.1:32-33 Rev.11:15 20:1-10 22:4-5).
7. Recognize the three classes of people dealt with in Scripture- The Jews- The Gentiles-Church (1Cor.10:32).
8. Keep in mind each book the Historical background and the circumstances under which it was written.
9. Never change the Literal meaning of Scripture to a Spiritual, Mystical, Symbolic, or Figurative Meaning, unless it is done by God Himself. Take everything in the Literally unless this could not possibly be the meaning. When the language is used in a figurative sense get the Literal truth conveyed by it.
10. Get a complete Concordance such as Strong’s and Young’s to look up any subject. And to define any Heb. Or Gr. Word if there is any question of proper translation.
11. Be just as intelligent and fair with the Bible as with any other book, Study it. Not to disprove it. But to Master it’s Sacred contents and conform to it’s teachings and you will find it to be in Unity.
12. It must be settled once and forever that the Bible does not contradict itself and all Scripture on a subject must be Harmonized. It has a way of Confusing it’s Enemies and Blessing it’s Friends. The only thing difficult about the Bible is that it is a very large book and it will take time to Master it’s Content’s enough to get a general understanding of it. Read it over and over and practice it’s Teaching’s and it will soon become a very simple and Practical Book.

Strong’s concordance
Dake’s Annotated Bible
Greek and Hebrew Dictionary

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