Todau, as I sit and think about who God is in my life, and who I am in Him, I am instantly overwhelmed by his power and His grace and mercy, that He chose me. The grace and favor that He is bestowed on me is beyond measure and I am truly greatly for the gifts and the blessing that He continues to pour upon me and the people of God. I thank God that we as a people are learning to become broken and stay broken in His presence. I thank God that we are learning that we can no longer frequent the Holy Place, but we have to make it our abode, for in His presence is where I want to live. I thank God that I am learning that I must continue to die daily. That I can't just trepass into His present but that I have to present my body a living sacrifice holy, and acceptable unto him, and that is just my resonable service. I understand that I have to wash at the lavar, for the Word says wash you and make you clean, so I have to take time and wash before I come into His presence and it doesn't stop there but I must take a trip to the brazen altar and become a living sacrifice, letting God know that I am dying to self. That it is no longer about me, but about the Will of the Master being done. When I have gone throught those steps then I have free access into His presence and I can set up residence. I see in the spirit a pitcher of water, and right now there are drips of water coming out, but I believe that God is beginning to tip the pitcher so that the Body of Christ can recieve the overflow, but we have to be in position to recieve it. The alignment of the body of Christ is happened, we may not see God's hand in the things that are going on, but just trust that He is at work. Lord, I thank you for the latter rain in Jesus Name...Amen....

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