I am sitting and thinking again. I can honestly say that I am so full right now. I am just about in tearing just thinking about the goodness of the Lord. On how He saved me, and how He raised me, and then He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I am eternally greatful for the blessing that He has bestowed upon and I don't take it lightly that He chose me to do a work for Him.

I learned a lesson this weekend. No matter how I may neglect the father, by not giving him the time that He deserved. He is always there. Beckoning and calling, letting me know that He misses my voice, but not only that, but I truly thank God for the abilitiy to be convicted. I thank God that whom he loves, he also chastens. I thank God for the chase. When I got down on my knees to prayer this weekend, tears instantly began to flow, and God I missed you and that was all I needed, in prayer I just fell in His arms and I said Lord, I am sorry, and He said just let me wash you. It is a beautful thing to be held in the arms of the Master.

I just take time to think of his goodness I become overwhelmed, that he loves me without reservation. and it is nothing that I have done! It is just because He is LOVE.... and his love flows freely from the throne....Thank you God....for just being GOD! I love you

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