This topic seems to be hot again, and heating up even more. There is no question that the horse is out of the barn. How do you get it back in? I'm talking about same sex marriage. The lawyers and politicians want to draw the line to keep church and state separate. Well, my question is; does the state define matrimony as Holy, civil or just what is their definition? It is my opinion that marriages are still failing at an alarming rate because the civil is given more credance than the Holy. If those who wish to participate in behaviors and life styles that are contrary to the word of God (as their opponents assert) they should not call themselves sanctioned by God. If the state chooses to "allow" same sex marriages they should not call them "Holy". There should be a distinction between any marriage that is done in a civil ceremony and marriages performed in a church. Holy matrimony needs to be defined by the church to which a couple belongs. It can be certified by the government, but the "Holy Matrimony" should be clearly defined by a church that is in accordence with the laws of the land. You may choose to have a renegade marriage that is in accord with no one but the couple involved, but to have a marriage sanctioned by the church or the state there should be some criteria to be met. This is in no way meant to condemn anyone. I merely believe that in order to give respect to everyone this issue touches there ought to be a line of distinction. What is your opinion?

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Comment by Min. Terry L. Buffaloe on May 26, 2009 at 1:20pm
I personally do not believe in same sex marriage.

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