In a day of such scarcity in the area of real anointing the Lord has directed me to start the International Association of Pastor's/Ministers, please visit and join our team. This is a group that is committed to using ministers that have joined our group and have proven thier faithfullness to others. I understand as an active Pastor the trouble sometimes associated with finding new and yet anointed faithful speakers to meet the rising need in many ministries today. We have endeavoured by the help of the Holy Ghost to partner with just such men and women. People who have an anointing that speaks for them instead of against them. Being part of this group means to the Pastor a network of preselected speakers to help in those times of need rest, as well as a place to speak in another venue giving you another type of rest. Pastors here committ strongly to not only using this site as place to get ingagements but also to giving them. So hop on board and grow with us and through us. God is blessing. Friend up today, those accepted as friends are part of the pool to select from Pastors as no others will be accepted but ministry gifts only. We ask that you pray over your selection and be blessed in all you do for the Kingdom of God
Bishop Michael Martin

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