I have over the last 28+ years watched with dismay as the leadership of the body seemed to seperate itself, not as much from sin but from one another. The church has become infected with an epidemic of jealousy among its leaders. The church I was born again into was one that embraced each other, now they only seem to pick at each other. One condemning the others beliefs or practices, while they themselves are found by the Lord to be wanting for such things. As the body looks at its leadership are we showing them how to come together or how to only make broader the line that seperates. I call on those of us who have been tasked by the Lord to sheperd, not Lord over his flock, to embrace our differences for it is those very differences that the Lord uses to speak to his people. I am not in any way condoning compromise but rather unity of the faith, after all is not that the measure of our maturity, as Paul tells us in Ephesians. Let us reach out to each other to receive from one another those unique ways of ministry that the Lord has anointed and embodied us with. We are complete only when we receive all the Lord has to say through all of us. As we near the end of this great age of the Church before the great coming of our King let us show forth his love for us by sharing it among the leadership first. I say by the voice of the LORD no one of us has all revelation and we need each other. The days of I can teach all they need is over my friend, for we have grown churches as weak as our own lack of esteem. I love the body of Christ and I need the entire five fold ministry gifts to help me raise them, remember it is the Five fold ministry not just yours, arrogance alone would make us feel we possess all gifts. Be blessed and increased in all you do as I call you blessed of the Lord.
Bishop Mike Martin

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Comment by Prophetess Katherine Santos on June 14, 2009 at 2:22am
Bless you Bishop Martin, I agree with you, the five-fold ministry is indeeded needed in the assemblied local body of believers desperately today. I to love the sheep of household of faith and am and have been deeply wounded to my very soul about the the heart beat and temperature of spirit filled churches here in America and am crying out intensely, fervently to Lord as much as I can about the churches and the need for obedience to the word of God to be followed. As leaders of the church we do our brethern a great injustice how we strive so heartless amongest each other. Shameful and have forgotten the graces of and humble Redeemer, we are sadly and unmistakeably due I'm afraid a high cost for the sensless non-sense of self-examination to the core of our faith. Oh How many times have I only made the same mistakes over and over again, How harden of heart I can be to my own destruction in things past and present, Thank God, who is merciful and tender who has and is brought me from being dull and numb in my senses thru fire he burns and chastens us that His will may be done, and we, everytime, come out as pure Gold, having done absolutly........nothing. If we as leaders do not come to recgonize the spirit of error and it 's origin in our personal walk with Him, and contiune to drag it to the assemble bodies of believers and bring that same spirit of error into the churches how can we ever recgonize our service, our call, our ministries, our brethern, the kingdom and it's King. I am A handmaiden of the Most High God, I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, I bare the marks of Christ in my flesh and I love not my life unto death. I not boasting, I am simply declaring this, what is in another prophet that I desire that I must envy?, what have a son or daughter of God, and I have not? I have taught many classes on the The accuser of the brethern to the saints, that they discover the and understand who the he really is. Giving them stability and taking joy in loving and knowing thier position, heirship,sonship, and who they are in Christ. Which in many cases the have much undiscovered territory in there own back yards. Many leaders are not working in the capacity of their office and serving in areas of needs and not following the writ example biblically which often times leads to areas of jealousy, envy and strife in which the Lord hates, because of arrogancy. We have the real teachers that make the word of exciting and fresh in sheep hearing singing on prasie teams because they are to gifted and might out shine the rest and unfortunately even the Head. Sad but very true! I just keeping praying and freeing that old green eyed monster as much as I can to the Glory of God, I Pray for the sheep for the Holy Ghost -filled I ask God's mercy because many times it's a stiffneck, a hardheart and error because of pride especially for the five-fold, Greed and selfrighteousness is filling the hearts of the five-fold ministry and they, we, are indeed due a good spanking with the rod of rememberance, of grace,mercy and truth. Bless you Bishop Martin I feel you in prayer Katherine

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