To all of the men who are holding it down in the home, trying to sustain their families, being faithful to their wives, this one is for you!

To all the men who "tried" coping with their child's mom of some sort, but things just did not work as planned and your still taking care of yours, this one is for you.

Even if you don't have a seed to call your own but you may take up the time to father or mentor the next parent's child, this one is for you.

Keep doing what you do and may you have many blessings to follow you, stay strong, keep your head up, be blessed. Don't give up, nor throw in the towel, you're a treasure in the community.

Please note this is not a black thang, white thang, Puerto Rican thang, spanish, Japanese thing, it's a "together" thing. You deserved to be 'acknowledge for your faithfulness in 'standing' by the children of the world today.

To the Spiritual Father's All Praises be unto God, for you have stood many tests, obstacles for God sees and HE knows.

It takes almost a nation to help raise kids.


Much respect,


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