Church People- (exclude five fold apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelist, teachers, ministers, elders, etc "leaders or those in leadership unless their religious than this post is "definitely" for you :) ) but "church" people always try to preach to others when they themselves are cast aways.

"Church" people are "forever" judging folks, throwing the rock but hiding their hands as they would say. Always learning but never quite able to come into the knowledge of the truth. Run away sinners. Always think they are the "most' holiest and God's "best" kept secret of all time since humans evolved. Always criticizing people, appear to be to dern religious and don't have enough love for the fellow man. Always about me myself and I. What God is doing for "ME" how God used "ME", where God is going to take "ME", what "I" am going through, what "I" have. Don't half of the time speak to people unless you are in the so-called "click" or denomination of some sort.

GOD's people see their neighbor and greet em with a loving smile. Prefer to go last and watch others go first. Speak to people. They are kind hearted, respectful, not dogmatic, not superstitious as in don't touch brother so and so cause they spirit might rub off on you :) smile.

GOD's people love the sinner man, fellow saint, visit other churches aside from their on.

God's people have LOVE, compassion, patience with a brother or a sister that has seem to have falling aside from grace.

GOD's people don't judge, lie on taxes (lol). GOD's people are always uplifting someone, encouraging someone, not getting into bible debates. Not trying to be noted as the most Christian of christians.

GOD's people share HIS word to the lost. GOD's people is caring, sharing, not backbiters, and haters.

GOD's people pray for their enemies, love their enemies, don't talk about the church members. Don't talk about the Pastor after he or she had falling short of God's glory but try to pray and get understanding of "how" to pray for God's man or woman.

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Comment by Eric Hancock on June 4, 2009 at 10:14am
I said this over and over and people become upset when I do say it but is TRUE...GOD is upset with church people,,,now Jesus prayed ,, THY KINGDOM COME THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN...Jesus is looking for kingdom workers/builders..not church people LIE,STEAL,GOSSIP,HYPERCRITICAL..but Kingdom builders do what it takes to build the kingdom,,not tear it down

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