I don't walk on egg shells and don't live in glass houses. My life is an open book and I tell my misfortunes and misses before the enemy every has the chance to. I don't point fingers, I don't call people out by name unless GOD tells me to, and I take my punishment well... deserved and undeserved!

I don't carry beef or hold grudges against any one.

Jesus didn't come to bring peace but a sword! What am I saying? Everything said or done in Christ will not always rub people the right way when dealing with sin/falling at the wayside. I am a straight forward person. I give it straight forward and receive it the same way!

I follow who God puts in my path to follow as long as they follow Christ! Now who they follow... that's between them and God.

I sat under leadership for a long time because I knew at the time I wasn't ready or living nothing! I still submit unto leadership from my spiritual mother, my covering, and anyone that God has put in my life in that capacity. I have ate and slept rebuke and correction for seven and half years from my overseers, (both spiritual and physical, deserved and undeserved) and will have to continue to do just that. I say that not as something I am proud of, no I take that back. I am proud of it because it shows me that God loves me to correct me when I have falling short. It shows caring, because who would try to help someone to do the correct things, if they didn't care/love you!

I learn from my mistakes most of the times and yes sometimes I am stubborn in some areas. But regardless, I always try to live my life by Godly standards. I have fallen short in some areas but I strive to overcome in those areas. My past, I am not proud of but it has built and made me who I am today. It has trained me to do and deal with things that are in and will be in my life. I never had a true father figure in my life, I always got for myself what my mother couldn't get or do. I was always a leader and never a follower but knew how to follow when it was time to learn to be better at what I did or had to do! So I submitted to learn more and still do as well!

But I can't walk on egg shells or be moved by the faces/feelings of people when it comes to sin. I will deal with it all in love but will deal with it as God sets forth, I expect the same from those who God has set over me and/or in my life! Somethings I deal with matters at hand in private, unless God tells me to deal with them openly. As you quoted from King Solomon, "Everything has a time and a season"

I ask questions and seek God for answers and He does the rest through who He sees fit! That's how I learn. I say what I mean and mean what I say! If I say, "hello" that's exactly what I mean not "bye-bye"!

Let's take the phase "Keeping it real" and stop making it just a slogan and make it a way of life... Christ's life!

In other ways, don't just say it, do/walk it!!!!!

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Comment by Evelyn Blacksher on August 21, 2009 at 7:43am
bless you.

more than conquering in HIS name

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