"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. - Matthew 7:7

Often these words are taken at their face value. They are true on their face value. They are true on 3 levels; physical, mental & spiritual. Is there a way to maximize their effectiveness? Yes, there is. If the way started with the physical we would more than likely destroy ourselves with the "give me's". Imagine a child getting everything, I mean everything they ask for. The list would be neverending. Many of us have heard this scripture all our lives and because it didn't work according to our demands our faith and belief in God has suffered.

Looking at the topic from a mental perspective is really not much better than the physical. Mental implies some thought and a little more maturity than the "give me's". Still, mental is what governs the physical. The brain governing the body will still seek only to preserve the body. The wish list will be to fulfill the desires of the flesh.

The spiritual is where the blessings kick in. Spiritual is where we transend the desires of the flesh and understand that the flesh is constantly plying for the attention of the mind. Prayer to the flesh is annoying. Prayer to the mind requires effort, Prayer to the spirit is the blood of its existence. I have asked for life, and life more abundantly...and I continue to wake up everyday. I seek the Lord and I'm continually blessed with greater insights of what brings me peace of mind. I knock and doors of opportunity are opened for me to do God's work and share His word with someone along the way.

When I shift my vision from the circumstances to the spiritual what was a problem is now an opprtunity to show God's glory. It's not give me, give me, give me. It's give God, give God, give God. In all things keep God first and all His righteousness and the kingdom of heaven will be added unto you. In Jesus' name Peace...Amen

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