Just as the caterpillar is predestined to transform into a butterfly, so are we preordained to become the children of God (John 3:16).

Change is inevitable. Like the seasons, they come and go. Do you understand that just as winter, spring, summer, and fall all work together to bring about the major transformation of the earth, likewise, the seasons we experience are relevant to our life’s progress? Let’s look at the season we know as winter.

Winter is one of the four temperate seasons of the year. It is the season with the shortest days and the lowest temperatures. Winter brings about such a major change that even the animals have developed different behavioral acclimatizations in order to survive the harshness of the season.

The tilting of the earth’s axis is what causes the seasons, and because the axis is angled, different parts of our world are slanting or leaning towards the Sun at different times of the year.

Some use winter to suggest death or the absence of hope. Although the passing seasons change the moods and habits of people, winter has adopted the nickname “winter blues” to describe the severest cases of depression often experienced by many during this cold and bleak season.

Annual plants die while others become dormant. Few plants bloom and barren trees are visible. Food is scarce and migration, hibernation, resistance, and camouflaging become the lifestyle of many earthly inhabitants.

Have you ever faced a spiritual winter? Spiritual winter is the time in your life when it seems as if God has shut the heavens and your prayers reach as far as the your bedroom ceiling. It is a season when you experience loneliness and battle against depression. The sun doesn’t shine much and the darkness seems to linger longer than you wish.

You feel forsakened and forgotten. You wonder and even ask God if He has overlooked you. You are weary from the cold, grueling, and testing journey, yet day after day, you look to see signs of life only to find none.

Even Jesus encountered a wintry season. When hanging on the cross, the Father looked away as the sin of the world lay on His shoulders. Jesus felt a moment of separation from His Heavenly Father that felt like an eternity. He cried, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” meaning, My God, my God, why has thou forsakened me? Matt. 27:46

When we face our wintry season, we need not be dismayed. We have Seeds of Life hidden in our hearts that will nourish, fill, and sustain us even when it seems as if all hope is gone. Let the Word of God be the sustaining force that shelters you through the long and challenging days of your wintry season.

Tilt your heart towards the Son.

Pastor Narda Goodson
First Lady of Whitewright, Texas

Official Website: http://anointedarrowsproductions.org
Social Network: http://christianwomenpredestinedbygod.ning.com/

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