DAUGHTERS EMERGED...AND THE NMALE AND FEMALE SHALL KEEP THE SEED ALIVE. The emergence of the woman/female gender has made tremendous stride over the years. Much discussion however remains over their role both in the home and in national life. These debates remain fierce as both sides’ uses scripture in context to support their ideal as to a woman’s role. The purpose of this platform however is to create an environment that speaks to and allows for the full expression of the female gender to their place of national significance and prominence. More specifically they are defined as the ones who strategically and divinely positioned themselves to become carriers of a new and pure seed and in so doing contribute to a significant paradigm shift. Suffice it to say, those chosen to play such role, acknowledges that this is no easy feat and therefore becomes interceptors and bridge builders between what was and what is to come. DAUGHTERS OF DIVINE DESTINY BECOME CARRIER OF A PURE SEED... A NEW WISDOM FOR ANOTHER ERA. The travail then is both intense and public; after all the new wisdom contains the appropriate grace and governmental authority for its day and beyond. AND SHE REMEMBERS NO MORE THE PAIN FOR A MALE CHILD IS BORN... ONE WITH GOVERMENTAL AND AMBASSADORIAL MANDATE. What then is the significance of these that will emerge; to what extent are we aligned to once again appreciate the historical and yet relevant significance of daughters pass. From whine will come the MARYS, whose virgin mindset makes them candidates for the birthing of those ideals that has no origin in mans belief of concepts...? HOW CAN THIS BE AND I DONT KNOW A MAN... is their singular evidence of being in contact with the divine. Who is it that will break the cycle of barrenness , only to discover that their temporary shutdown, was t allow everything previously planted to die so that a new and heavenly vision can emerged. At times of global and national cultural challenges, who amongst our daughters will carry the ESTHER MANTLESHIP and know that they have come to the kingdom for such a time as this. What ever historical reference point one uses, we draw from them that at times and season of global challenges, THE EMERGENCE OF A READY WOMB, is our best indicator and evidence that the season for a new wisdom is upon us. Our challenge then is to create an environment that best allows for the greatest opportunity from which this seed is natured and developed. DAUGHTERS OF DIVINE DESTINY ARE THOSE WHO POSITIONED THEMSELVES TO SECURE THE EMERGING SEED THAT BENEFITS AND SUSTAIN FURTHER NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT...HANNAH PRAYED ,AND AS SHE DID SHE SECURED A SEED THAT BROUGHT ABOUT A NEW PRIESTOOD AND PRESERVED THE NATION OF ISREAL.. WHERE AE YOU MY SISTERS,WHAT IS IT THAT YOU SEE WE LACK AND WHAT PRICE ARE YOU PREPARED TO PAY TO BRING INTO THE NOW,WHAT IS ALREADY COMPLETED IN THE HEAVENLYS.

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