Sunday Sermon
January 24th 2010
Rhema Community Church

Sermonic Skeleton:

Sermonic Pericope: ESV Galatians 6:6 One who is taught the word must share all good things with the one who teaches.

Sermonic Theme: Christian Ethics (Accountability)

Sermonic Subject: Christian Service (Responsibility)

Sermonic Tension: It takes money to do ministry.

Sermonic Sentence: You are accountable for the word you’ve been taught and you have the responsibility to bless your teacher.

Sermonic Question: Is the Word of God valuable to you? (This lesson deals with ones attitude, aptitude, and appreciation for the word of God.)

Sermonic Help: EXEGESIS from the Greek meaning “interpretation,” from ex, “out,” and hegeisthai, “to guide.” Exegesis is a method of attempting to understand a Bible passage. The reader of Scripture studies the word meaning and grammar of the text to discern what the Holy Spirit was communicating, drawing the meaning out of the text rather than reading what he wants into the text. It attempts to elicit the true teaching of a biblical text for spiritual growth in Christian living. PREACHING declaring the truth of God from the Word of God to an audience. However, there are many different methods of preaching and numerous types of sermons, preaching should primarily be exegetical: a careful study of the grammar, words, and context of a particular passage of Scripture. Preaching should answer three questions about a text: (1) What does the text say? (2) Why does it say it, or what did the Holy Spirit want the passage to communicate? (3) How does this truth apply to life at home, work, or play? Any sermon or lesson should be aimed at the heart, intended to motivate people to take action as well as at the mind, able to persuade.


I. ONE IS TAUGHT THE WORD OF GOD (are you teachable?)

II. ONE IS TEACHING THE WORD OF GOD (are you teaching the word?)

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