Our walk with God is very important, therefore we must be careful how we walk with him and before him. Serving god is a matter of choce but a decision that we must to make now and not in the future. We need to be serious about it. Repentence is in the now dont put it away.

The Apostle Paul gave his last warning to the church in Corinth. That warning is for the body of Christ today. I believe in the Priesthood of all believers. God has given each and everyone of us a ministery, therefore, we are ministers before God and not members of one church or the other.

Periodically, we examine ourselves in a doctors' office during some physical or some check up. in the same we need to examine ourserves to see whether we be in the faith. II Cor 13:5. This must be our regular habit. We have to know if our faith is true and real. As a believer, a Child of God or a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we need to regularly and constantly check ourserves.

We need not to live in sin. Paul ask that we examine ourselves because we know ourselves better and for good. Knowing that you are living in sin and not confessing it and repenting is not to love God. It put our faith and our work with Christ in question. There is no place for sin in the minister or believer life. Know that people are watching you.

If you do have a known sin, you need to make a turn around or you will be unfil for the work of our Lord and God. To live in sin and pretend that all is well makes you a "REPROBATE" . That is someone who is unfit and disqualify for the ministry. You become disapprove by God even when man who does not know your deals and sin approve you. You are rejected by God even when man acdepts you.

We as ministers and believers in the body of Christ need to live a holy and approve life before God and man.

Brethrens, let us live decently, holy and worthy before God. Let our life so shine so that man will glorify our God.

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