1 Co. 13:12-13 We see now dimly, but we see, or at least we see something. What do you see?
Mt. 11:10 I will send my messenger before thy face which will prepare the way before you. Who sends out this messenger, the church? Christian schools? God sends His messengers before your face. Mal. 3:1-4 A fire is coming. Mk. 1:2 Were living in a desert, a real wasteland with very little water to drink, “the water of truth”. Lu. 1:68-80 God has purpose for his chosen people. (Verse 75-76) Are things that changed today? I guess we will see face to face. Isa. 40:3 We need to prepare the way like John did for the Lords coming. If you’re not preparing the way than your not open to the spirit that says in the last days get ready Jesus’ is coming for His bride, a bride that’s spotless and holy. Mal.3:1 Messengers are sent out by God with purpose. Mk. 11:6-11 Jesus is coming back again, but not like last time he has a great purpose and that’s to judge all face to face with a rod iron. Clay pots with excuse in judgment don’t do well when struck with an iron rod. Jesus is about here and there’s no time to waste the later rain is coming. Isa. 55:1-13

Num. 6:22-27
Look now through Mosses eyes, and see what he saw in Gods eyes. The eyes are the windows of the soul. While looking in Gods eyes in agreement to the command God was giving Moses; to Bless Israel. First look at the prayer Jesus prayed in Jn 17:11. That God would bless and keep them through His own name not Jesus name why in the Fathers name bless those whom the Father has given him. Think about it. Second command of God in the prayer of the blessing of Moses was to pray to make Gods face to shine on you and to show you his favor. Third part is that God would lift up his face toward you and give you peace. God called Moses to say in prayer for the face of God to turn toward his people and to shine showing favor and giving peace. Is the church experiencing any of this in their walk with our husband, our King, the one were to be with for eternity? I’m struggling here with where is the power in the church today, and how hungry are the people for the real gospel of the good news; “Jesus is alive and coming for them soon, so let’s get ready”.
(Get on those ruby slippers, oh, sorry it’s not the Land of Oz where Dorothy goes home, or is it?)

Isa. 64:4-10 Isaiah tells of Zion being a wilderness (the heart is a wilderness before being born again). Truth or fiction?
A buzzer goes off. Fact and also truth it is written.
1 Co. 2:9-13 The heavenly light of the body is light from the eyes and it’s (verse 10) revealed by the Spirit of the living God who enables all Gods children to see. Darkness blinds but great light shines in the face of darkness. Gods face is great light so what is the good news to you? The church should not be blind, but be a blinding light of Jesus Christ to a dark and dying world when it’s a reflection of the face of God. Preach it! If you say you can’t then ask for the power from God. We have a great and powerful light, and to possess it is great power, the very power of God! Lay the axe to the root of everything that could possible hold us down and ask God to release it to us in full measure from our Lord Jesus Christ!

Mt. 6:21-24 Who do you serve, your heart is given of God, and those desires are Gods and real treasure to possess.
Lu. 11:34-40 Is your light burning? Is your lamp full of oil? Are we preparing for Jesus return?
We are all going to see him when He comes. Rev. 1:7
Isa. 35:5-8 Eyes wide open (verse 5) on the highway to heaven. Isa. 35 the way of holiness to heaven.
Ac. 2:25-36 David did mighty exploits because he knew his God face to face.
Ja. 1:22-25 Be doers of Gods truth and share how Gods blessing you.
Lu. 10:23 Blessed are the eyes that see. Ep. 1:17-18 Having the eyes of your understanding being enlightened that you may know. Even though we know God ask Him to release more power that many could see coming to His great light.
Rev. 1:14-15 Eyes were as a flame of fire. Rev. 2:17-18 Overcomes will eat a hidden manna given from the Son of God whose eyes are a flame of fire. Had your manna today and drank your fill of the water of life?

Why did Jesus pray that the Father would keep those whom Jesus was given?

Rev. 19:12 Because Jesus name will be change to a new name only Jesus knows but could not say at the time for scripture had to been fulfilled.
The eyes of fire in the face of the final judgment of a great light of God is coming soon, are we all ready for this?
Gods’ children will shine as Moses face shined when God makes His face to shine on you, and show you His favor when Jesus lifts up his face towards you and gives you peace. Numbers 6:22-27 Praise our God in whom all blessing flow.


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