In a world that is so cold, your warmth radiates as on a cool summer evening. Your beauty draws men to you as you captivate them with your smile. Oh beauty being real, your loveliness touches my heart and shows where true love is. There is no room for anything else, for your love fills my life with joy.

You have your touch, your way, and I miss your spirit when you’re gone away. My beautiful and so lovely it’s been so long and I miss you so. So long a time to be apart from your comfort and care for being with you is a safe harbor peaceful and calm as a storm passes by.

My lovely you are real and a true trusted friend, real, and always there when I have not been.

In the night when I slumber knowing all is well, it is no wonder for you are so lovely and so fair, my beautiful for I know you send your angels to watch over me.

Keep smiling with your radiant warmth; your smile makes it all worth the while. The life I live in faith can teach that my supply is my love for a beautiful and lovely you my Lord.

Your friend love Steven

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