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I guess I have always loved to dance. I believe that most of us even if we don’t have the rhythm, stride or step love to dance. I think it is something about the flow and the energy of the body being in sync with the beat, the pulse of being alive. Dancing seems to me to be a natural call for each part of the body to move in synchronization; the bobbing of the head, the snapping of the fingers; arms and hips swaying while the feet, tap, step, strut and prance. There is a freedom in the twirling, turning, leaping into the air; the simulation of the body with wings; superman and wonder woman conquering gravity.

As the years passed dancing and poetry became even more of an outlet for expressing the peaks and valleys in my living. Dancing became a way to absorb and release; gather in, shift and shake loose what was undesirable, unacceptable and even unlivable. It was learning to stretch the limbs to their utmost extremity. I used to marvel at how the constant allongé (arm stretched out as far as possible) and balançoire (working leg vigorously back and forth) caused a dancer to build beautiful, agile, strong muscles and extraordinary stamina; sole control and steadfast discipline. It is an awesome sight to see a dancer take these attributes and propel their body in the spirit of flight, when the body is balloned ["balloon"]. This dance movement is where the body takes on the appearance of weightlessness and of being airborne. (A dancer is said to have ballon if (s) he seems to be in the air constantly with only momentary contact with the floor).

As I have matured in God I have learned that I no longer dance to feel alive but I am alive to dance for God. I have acquired “The Dance of Life” because God lives in me my spirit leaps and dances when I think of God‘s goodness or I hear the name of Jesus. Because HE {God} lives in me I no longer groove but by the Holy Spirit I move. I have moved from uncertainty to confidence, from desperation to destiny; I move “from there I was to here I am” by the grace of God. God and His Word teaches us to rise ; to soar like eagles up above the shackles, heaviness , influences and yes even people sent to weigh us down; tear us down and yes even destroy us. Each day our faith is tested and strengthened; we stretch out that inner spirit man and we rise, we are neither faint nor weary. I am saved and supplied; blessed and equipped with the Holy Spirit and a spiritual troop of brothers and sisters such as would be a pas de troupe (an ensemble of ballet dancers). Our dance is produced out of Scripture and assembled in godly love becoming one of leaping over Satan’s devised stumbling blocks and zig -zagging pot holes ; we progress in precise harmonious steps, refined and fluid movements through doors that God has opened and no man can close ; while being led by the choreographed strategy of God’s timing. We have been Holy Ghost filled and taught to prayerfully march in precision, pivot, bend, side-step with grace by Grace out of areas of darkness into regions of light and dimensions of supernatural anointing. We are electrified and sanctified; in sync with the Holy Spirit, receptive and obedient to the will of God; our pulse and breathe are in unison with God. If I lose my balance or lose sight of the mark or lose count of my steps my troop {Troupe} is there to hold me up, point me to the mark, and prayerfully cover my steps. I will always rejoice in my dancing... But “THE WAY I USE TO DANCE CAN'T COMPARE TO THE DANCE I GOT NOW”!

Isaiah 40:31
Psalms 149:3
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Melonie Daniels - He Lives GMWA Women of Worship

Called not to entertain but to enter in
Prophetess Sandra Dukes
“The word in me is the BARA in me and the BARA in me is the God in me”

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