Bro. Marc L. Stratton

It is apparent that many Christians have lost the zeal that they once had. Do you remember when you first got saved? Do you remember the joy when you realized that you were going to Heaven and that all your sins had been washed away? We all experienced some form of excitement when we were converted as that new zeal burned deep within us. In your opinion or biblical knowledge what has happened to that zeal? We used to be excited about going to church and now for many it is almost a struggle to go. We used to be excited about the progress of our local and unified church. We used to be excited to talk about our faith in God and our commitment to Him. So I now open this blog for discussion, advice to those who are not ashamed to admit that the zeal not the thrill is gone. What do you think? God Bless

Bro. Marc L. Stratton

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Comment by Marc L. Stratton on December 1, 2008 at 9:54pm
Man of God, your response echoes the words that I answered with mentally on my own blog. I thank you for sharing about being told to slow down so that you don't burn out was rich and needs to be heard all over the world. So many young up and coming men of God get that misleading statement at some point during their spiritual growth spurts. I was told the exact same thing and if I had not been in fellowship with other men of God who fanned my fire I would probably be a passive ineffective preacher by now. I love the Lord who makes His angels spirit and His ministers a Flaming Fire. Its hard to make ones heart burn without the passionate fire of the Lord in your heart. I value the wisdom that you have shared on this post. I pray that God continues to bless you and that hidden treasures will be revealed to you. I pray that your name will come up on the tongues of those that owe you and those who are looking to sow financial seed on good ground. I pray that the following be returned unto you: rebates, refunds, old investments, past seeds, unclaimed inheritances, deeds of trust and any other document of value that has Anthony (your middle name) Luckett's name on it! In Jesus name amen. Expect it my brother and I look forward to future fellowship opportunities with you. Keep the Fire Burning!

Bro. Marc L. Stratton

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