Leading a turn around is off da chain...when things are actually turning around. It is not easy, but overwhelmingly rewarding when you know what to look for and know it when you see it.

I see:
1. People trying to work toward the turn around. This is pretty cool. It requires patience because as mistakes are made, they must be dealt with as learning opportunities for them and for me. Even when the level of excellence I desire to see is not there, I have to at least acknowledge when people have tried and gave it their best shot.

2. Progress. Its easy to get bogged down by what ain't working and other distractions. Publicly praising God for progress helps to set an atmosphere for others catching a contagious praise and rejoicing rather than complaining. It also empowers folks around the leader of the turn around to get folks to acknowledge what is working rather than what is not. This is critical because you must paint the picture of reality for the people you are leading and I am finding that it takes to get folks around you to see what you see. If you see progress, check and see if anyone else sees it, too. If they don't, help them acknowledge, appreciate, and accurately appraise what is happening before their eyes.

3. New types of people to connect with the vision. I thank God for the saints I inherited as well as the new types of people and mindsets that are coming aboard. I'd encouraged any leader of a turn around to get acquainted with the new blood coming in and share your heart. I have not perfected this area, but I'm working on it and it makes a difference. Don't embrace the lie that none of the folks you inherited have a progressive mindset. Some do. Appreciate them and seek God for everyone's role in the turn around. Word of caution: don't put too much stock in whoever is "with you." That crap can die so fast it isn't funny. TRUST GOD!!! I GOTTA SAY IT AGAIN, TRUST GOD. He kept telling OT prophets He'd be with them for a reason. Jesus promised us the same thing and He promised it for a reason!!! He is with us and He is the One who turns things around.

4. The importance of a healthy prayer life. I pray as though its going out of style. This keeps me grounded and emotionally healthy. This is God's vision and He'll bring it to pass. These are God's people and He'll take care of them. Prayer keeps me dependent on Him to do what He has ordained for His people according to His plan for our lives. I do not allow myself to get too busy for relentless prayer. I am trusting Him to lead me, pace me, and confirm He is with me. When I get depressed, yup, I do get depressed sometimes, I pray. I give God as much thanks as I can muster and it tends to turn things around in my heart. I believe the greatest turn around leaders can turn things around in their own heart and mind.

I wouldn't trade this in for anything in the world. I see progress. Significant progress. Implemented changes are working. It hasn't always been this way. I am trusting God. I can see what God is doing and it is marvelous in my eyes.

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Comment by Keith T. Evans on April 15, 2009 at 10:05pm
thanks for the post my brother

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