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I was raised as a PK (preachers kid) in a small town in North Carolina. I went to church it seemed almost everyday of my life. I grew up in the Fire Baptized Holiness Church you know the no pants, no make up, no movies, no this no that you name it, it was a sin. I was unhappy as a child and I did not like this thing called being saved. I was ridiculed by my peers and beat up by them just about every day of my life because we were different. Being saved didn’t seem like a good thing to me. Behind closed doors my home was like Vietnam which which seemed odd to me and out of character with being a Christian, all types of abuse every where you turned. I knew God the Father and looked to him a lot as a child, I respected the power of the Holy Ghost as I watched demons being cast out of people and I knew Jesus but found out later in life I didn’t know him as well as I thought I did. I left home in my early teens and moved to New York. Six years later I moved to California. I was driven, tenacious and ambitious. I never stopped to feel and I masked pain with many accomplishments. I would never allow myself to fully experience the pain of my many painful experiences and many of my relationships were just repeats of all that I thought I left behind. In spite of what I encountered in life I would pray to God the Father and He would deliver me yet Satan had managed to deceived me about my true state. But for the Grace of God, if I had died I would have been a preacher's kid who went to HELL straight from the pew. I proudly professed Christ all of my life, yet I lived a compromised sinful life until December 5, 1993.

This is a response to an earlier blog post and is part of my testimony:

It takes the power of God through prayer. Although the above comment was not made in reference to myself, i am not above deception. I do remember as a christian when I was walking in compromise as a christian thinking I was on the path. God sent a servant all the way from Kampala Uganda just for me. (December 5, 1993) I sat self righteously in my seat thinking "Im already saved" as he made the altar call. He walked over to me and pulled me out of my aisle, asked me to raise my hands and repeat after him. He prayed for me and the power of God hit my life like no other time since. I was very much aware that the power and presence of God was there. There was a reverent fear that came over me. The lights came on and I saw more than I was prepared to see (added: weeks later I was horrified and mortified at the person I had become unknowingly) but one thing is for sure, the presence and power of God sent the Eygpts in my life up in flames. I haven't looked back since. My attacks have been many and consistent but never overshadowing that moment in the presence of the Almighty God. Soon after my initial euphoric weeks of deliverance, the enemy assailed and assaulted my mind, body and soul, possessions, relationships, finances, health. You name it, he attacked it.. He has been relentless since that day in 1993 in an attempt to reclaim what he deems as his. It is a daily fight for he has tried on many occasions to take my life. In his failure to cause me to return he has sought to ruin my character, testimony and to cause me to be an ineffective witness for Christ. But God is Greater. Nothing that the devil brings can overshadow that moment of being in the presence of God on that December day.

This response sent today regarding the aboved mentioned man of God who was consecrated enough to allow the Lord to use him and the pure power of God to flow through him to break the deception off my mind as well as many yokes that had bound me and spirits that had me captivated me through a lifestyle of compromise and sin.

At 6:52am on 26 May 2009, Pr. Bagonza Robert. said…

I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for joining this network. I believe this network will do you a lot of good.

In your E-mail you inquired whether I knew one John Mukasa who died in a motor accident with his brothers. I knew of one we used to call Deo Mukasa. He also once lived in America. He was indeed a mighty man of God, very prayerful and very prayerful. Wonders and miracles used to take place at his crusades. He started many churches called prayer palace. He always insisted that believers put up their hands in prayer. He would lift up his arms until they got paralyzed up.

Before his tragic death, He held a mighty crusade from December up to May when the first believer in our country to convince people that HIV and AIDS could be healed through prayer in Jesus’ name. So many people got healed and medical doctors were astonished, for there were clear records that they had tested HIV positive. From that time the Body of Christ in Uganda started praying for AIDS victims and many have been delivered from the deadly disease.

There is a lot about man of God. For even he and another man of God, spearheaded the evangelism of Moslems in our county. God taught him Arabic in one wee, he read the Koran and the Holy Spirit showed him areas he could use in the Koran to demystify their faith. Consequently many believed upon Jesus. This opened up a fierce evangelism of Moslems carrying out crusades. At most of his crusades many Moslems gave their life to Christ and received mighty miracles.

He met stiff opposition from Moslems. At one of his crusades in the part of the country where I live Moslems got offended and decided to report him to the police, as they were traveling on their motor-cycle it caught fire.

My wife attended his burial but hordes of people attended it and she says it was like another crusade for so many people gave their lives to Jesus. There is a lot about him that he did in the body of Christ.

May God bless you.

I praise God for John Mukasa a mighty man of God and for God’s grace to deliver me and give me a second chance. I am eternally grateful. I praise God for my deliverance, my return was not without chastening and now for the unspeakable Joy he has given me. I Love the Lord and I feel his Love.

I thank God that you too were part of his salvation plan.

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Comment by Mark H. Stevens, Th.D on November 12, 2009 at 4:58pm
Keep the torch of of truth burning sister!
Comment by Micah RaSun-Vann on May 27, 2009 at 8:28pm
It's funny how that works. The one who are suppose to know know the least. But thank God for Grace. Thank you Sister.
Comment by T.L. Hawkins on May 27, 2009 at 2:58pm
TO GOD BE THE GLORY! Sis, I was just like you..PK and the whole nine yards. At one point, I was embarrassed to be "saved" (as I thought I was). It wasn't until I sincerely started seeking God for my self and spending time with him that my eyes were opened and I realized I was "lukewarm". I would attend church, leave service and hit the streets selling drugs. That's just a small bit of my testimony. I thank you for sharing yours. I know it will touch and help someone on this network. Be blessed and continue to BE a blessing as you allow the Lord to use you for his purpose.

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