"Oh, The State of Man. My people are crying out to Me, but none listen. There is a wailing in the Spirit that has reached heaven;out of the bellies of babes there is a cry. There is a wailing in heaven for the lost : what is supposed to be done among the living. Where is your wail ? Hell was not created for man, yet what I created for a few has now overflowed. Oh, the state of Man".

"My people are crying out to Me, and none listen". Some cries can only be heard with a spiritual ear, some of us claim to be so spiritual, yet we can not hear the cry; or do we ? The Lord is grieving(Oh, the State of Man) and what are we as supposedly disciples of Christ going to do about it ? Are we going to sit in idle while the enemy reaps havoc on our brothers and sisters(the lost?) "Out of the bellies of babes there is a cry", the Word says that God knew us before we were in our mother's womb. The cry is from the unborn, for they know the state of the world which they are about to enter . "There is a wailing in Heaven for the Lost, what is supposed to be done among the living.": What the Lord is saying here is that the Company of Heaven is doing our job, they are looking down upon our brother and sisters who don't know Christ, they are seeing the suffering, heartache, pain, addictions, the bondage and the shackles that some are in...and they wail. When are we going to be tired of the enemy, when are we going to take it personal when see a person who is not your biological family member, friend or an associate, who is in bondage and wail for them ?
If you are in Christ and Christ is in you then remember what He said "Who is my mother, who is my brother... ? " We all have souls which are assigned to us that we are supposed to reach. How far are you willing to reach ? Are you willing to reach outside your neighborhood ? Are you willing to reach someone who does not look like you ? Are you going to wait for a time of convenience or for someone who you feel is a easy win ? Pray God that those who are assigned to us do not die in their sin, for their blood is on our hands.

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