When scripture says pray without ceasing it means to walk continually in the anointing and presence of God. Walk continually in communion without doubt, without judgment, walking in the gift of faith beyond the measure of faith. Ro. 12:3 To every man a measure faith has been given to obtain heavens kingdom or something else, but know there is a gift of faith and its operation is given of God. Ro. 4:17-20 The gift of faith given of God allows the operation of the calling things which are not, as though they were.

Abraham was given this gift. 2 Co. 5:3-9 This is what walking in the gift of Faith is, it’s operating in communion with God the Father, Son Jesus, and Holy Spirit. All that we do, say, and act out will be judged to God’s glory. God will not share His glory with any one. He alone will have mercy upon whom He will have mercy, Ro. 9:18-21 and raise up a standard of righteousness, and holiness that He alone with His presence can letting His anointing flow from it.

God will sometimes send his servants to be in a place just to have His presence there. This vessel will be a willing and obedient servant (operating in the gift of faith), they might simple be there to do nothing, just be there. Wait on the Lord, and He will, He will, He will. If your one who will fuss in the boat like the disciples did with Jesus over a little storm, then when the big storms come and rage in your mind bringing doubt not to believe that Jesus calms all storms, and has everything under control, then you’re not walking in communion nor walking in faith. Mt. 8:8-10

Faith is a fruit that God brings to perfection and it is by the trying of faith that brings perfection. Lu. 8:9-15 A result of Gods revelation and walking in His continual presence and anointing. 1 Pe. 1:22-25

Jesus said; Mt. 17:14-20 O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? How long shall I suffer you? 2 Tim. 2:24 Ti. 3:2
How long shall I suffer you? How long? How long? Phil. 1:27

God’s special promises for all those who exercise God’s gift of faith.

1. Answer to prayer. Mt. 21:22
2. Son ship. Jn. 1:12
3. Power. Jn. 14:12
4. Soul rest. He. 4:3
5. Spiritual Inheritance. Ja. 2:5
6. Spiritual foundation.
7. Spiritual Assurance. 1 Jn. 5:14

Comment Sharon4

'Praying without ceasing' is the only way that we can truly have 'liberty' in Jesus Christ. You are sharing only one part of it...the part of Jesus Christ yet there are two other parts to the triune God and that is the Almighty Father and the Holy Spirit which entails a lot more than what Jesus Christ spoke to us about...so it is imperative that we 'know' about the Almighty Father as He is a just God but he is also a big part of the "I AM" that Jesus Christ speaks about. Anyway, as I said, I agree for the most part but I have been unable to walk away with this 'angst' still in my spirit and I am not sure exactly what it is....thanks for the post

We are not our own and like our God not compartmentalized like in a three stage rocket. The God I know and serve purchased me with a blood sacrifice and I have been given the gift of faith. I am seed of His seed. Words spoken in faith are not in presumption spoken from a heart that’s in communion with God. God is no respecter of persons. Ac. 10:34-35 Every nation that respects God, working righteousness is accepted with Him.

The church has forgotten how to walk in faith and now trusts only in non profit tax status or mans rules and traditions. The church has lost its first love that is of communion with God in walking in faith, power, and Gods presence of an anointing that will break every yoke.

Faith is worked by love, 1 Tim. 1:5 and by hearing from God. Ro. 10:17 Faith increases when spoken by Apostles sent of God. Lu. 17:5 Lu. 18:8 Words of confession, Ro. 10:9 spoken from the heart where God lives only can raise the dead.

Ro. 2:10-16 Ga. 2:4-8 Ep. 6:5-10 Col. 3:22-25 1 Pe. 1:14-19 1 Co. 15:42-45
Ro. 1:20-32

If you’re not hearing from the Father through the Son Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit then you’re operating in the flesh and death will be your ministry. Mt. 16:16-19 God has given real power to build His kingdom, and it is upon words spoken from the heart where God lives that He begins. It all starts with a loving, willing, open and obedient heart for God.

Blessings Steven

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