Praying for clarity..but busy as a bee!!!!

Hi everyone,just wanted to post a blog to let everyone know what is going on with me,welllllllll I have finished college,I am now an Computer administrative assistant, just haven't found a job in that feild yet, I will be graduating in May in Virginia beach Virginia, It feels really nice to have a degree, I have already received my degree in the mail but I am going going up there for the ceremony, I can say it was not easy, it took me longer then it should've but I pressed my way It was such an honor to be able to sit at home and complete my assignments over the internet, I was even able to get a computer and the software when I first started the classes.Now, I am working on trying to make my Apostle life a little easier, she is someone who always gives to us,she always takes her money and put it back in the ministry,so i have just been busy looking up different grants and things for our church,so much is needed,and a lot tof times people know about certain projects but refuse to give out the information,but I know GOD is going to show me what I am looking for.As far as my callings i have been still trying to figure out what is going on with me, I am asking GOD for some boldness to when I can just walk up to a person and just start talking to them,I am kind of shy,sometimes GOD tells me to do stuff, and i am like whewwww GOD,my kids dad always tell me to stop denying what I was called to do and just do it. I still have the clothing pantry, and I still have the name in my mind what GOD told me to name it,but it's like I am stuck, I am trying to figure out how to get my name incorporated, and get fliers out there to let people know what I offer, but it's like something is stopping me,seem like everytime I go forward, I get knocked back, or something blocks me. I walk around with a notebook all the time because GOD is constantly telling me something,so whenever I am up at the church praying and working, he will tell me what to do and then i jot it down, I am still hoping and praying that he will show me where to go, who I am, what does he want me to do,I am praying for clarity. Also I was wondering has anyone ever been so into the bible and it seem like you just can't stop!!! one day i found myself readin, reading and reading until I ALMOST read the entire new testament,it was like a really good novel that I just could not put anyway i hope everyone have a blessed day and please respond!

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