Pressure am I sure that I want to do this,
Is this the way that my father would go.
Is this the way that leads to damnations door?
Or should I follow the river that flows..

Pressure are these the things that are unseen but yet seen,
That lead to the epitamy of the Lifes falsely joy it brings.
Or should I be in more contact for the Word of My father is
a sweet sweet smell, sweeter than a honey bee in the morning dew in the spring.

Pressure is this thing called love
This love alone will make you buzz
Cause you to jump for joy of love
Is it the Love form on up Above
Only does He know if it is Love
He knows your heart to make it buzz.

Pressure, pressure is what we know so well
So lets dispell the myth, do tell
So is it all just smoke and bliss
Or is it the tell of true loves first kiss.
The Kiss from heaven sent from the crown.
Fell from the cross so life abounds.

My life, My life, the pressures tide
Is this where that true love abides,
Amist the River that brings forth life
Against this River lies the Tree of Life.

Oh, The Tree of Life, The Tree of Life
That precious Lamb that paid the price.
He paid the price for you and I
That we may reside in that perfect life.

So I give to Him my only life!
Take what you want do as you might!
Use me Lord, It's not my life!
It was paid for back on Calverys' plight.

By: Yeshayahu Azariah Levi Prophet Of the Lord

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