JESUS wants the dead! HE has come to quicken us all into the LIGHT of HIS LIFE! HE is the LIGHT and in HIM is no darkness! Where any shade of darkness dwells, sin certainly comfortably abides. Darkness flees from the presence of our GLORIOUS KING no matter where HE steps. Darkness can not overcome FIRE! Our SAVIOUR is so bright, that HE does not even cast a shadow. Darkness has no room in HIS AWESOME PRESENCE!
Our BLESSED REDEEMER calls us to be continually wrapped in HIS HOLY LIGHT OF FIRE! As HIS children, we are not to walk in darkness. We are to continually walk in HIS steps of FIRE! As we are walking in HIM, we are continually being refined. In the REFINER’S FIRE, the bad will always surface. The REFINER skims off the top to remove the ugly impurities so we may become more pure and pliable to HIM. It is not up to us to clean up the brother or sister, it us up to us to pray for them as HOLY GHOST reveals things to us. In listening to HOLY SPIRIT, we will without question speak out against all forms of darkness also known as sin, but we will not destroy our brother or sister in our own judgments. As HOLY GHOST moves, HE reveals and will prick the hearts of those HE is uttering to. Often we like to get in the way and act on behalf of precious HOLY SPIRIT! We fail to remember that the WORK IS HIS and not ours. We are to simply be tools in HIS hands to be used in HIS WORK! We must let HIM do the WORK in us, so we can be better tools in HIS hands.

In the REFINER’S FIRE, we have the choice, to burn or be burned! We need to learn to stand in the anointing of HIS presence and let HIS all consuming work of FIRE begin in us. It is not enough to just let HIS FIRE ignite in us, we must let HIM continue HIS work of CONSUMING FIRE in us. To not let HIM, we encourage the enemy to wrap us up in the dark cloak of religion and we begin to lose the warmth of HIS precious relationship. As HIS Bride, we must let HIM demonstrate HIS power in us and through us. We must let the FIRE of HIS eyes pierce through the darkness in us and let HIM consume that darkness. We must decide who we want to reign in our lives. Relationship with the KING OF GLORY or Religion!
Before Lori and I made our trip to Ohio, we battled and had heat excessively applied to us for at least a two full weeks before the first night of ministry in Seaman, Ohio. I kept asking the LORD, “Why?” Sometimes HE gives us the answer before we walk, sometime while we walk, and often after we walk it all out, HE reveals to us what HE is doing through HIS GRACE and MERCY!
I am realizing in a whole new way, how HE applies the heat so we can come through as a more pure gold to be even more pliable in HIS hands! The heat is never about man’s agenda or how the enemy is battling or coming against us. The enemy can only do what THE KING OF GLORY permits him to do. When the heat is at the highest level where we cannot take it, we MUST remember HIS promises: “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” “I will not put more on you than you can bear.” He is always with us and when the burden is so heavy and / or the heat is even consuming, JESUS always will manifest HIMSELF so we see a part of HIS GLORY! HE gives us the opportunity to commune with HIM in HIS HOLINESS and be completely shrouded in HIS LOVE. When we realize the heat we go through is just so HE can get more GLORY, we will praise our KING on a whole new level of praise and adoration of worship of and to our KING, where the enemy can NOT shut us down, because we realize the enemy has NO jurisdiction over our GOD, THE ALMIGHTY KING OF KINGS! To be “LOST” in HIS presence is to be completely “FOUND”.
“Oh how I need to get more lost in YOU LORD! Please help me to be consumed by your HOLY FIRE! Accept me for what I see myself as, and make me into what you see me as. I lay myself upon YOUR HOLY CONSUMING ALTER, not even deserving to be called a sacrifice, but filth and mire at the very best.
By YOUR WORD, I am washed and by THE BLOOD OF YOUR SON JESUS CHRIST, I have been cleansed and now been made whole! YOU have bought me not for what I was, but for WHO I AM IN YOU! I am a child of the MOST HIGH GOD! A joint heir of THE ALMIGHTY KING!
Reflect YOUR GRACE and MERCY through me, so others can see YOU. Perfect in me, YOUR LOVE, JOY, and PEACE; so others can clearly see more of YOU and less of me. Help me to become more sensitive and obedient to the moving of YOUR PRECIOUSE HOLY SPIRIT, so I may never squelch or quench what YOU want to accomplish in me and through me.
LORD, as I lay upon YOUR HOLY ALTER, I completely surrender myself to YOU as best as I know how. I trust YOU and every WORD of YOUR PROMISES TO ME. Though YOU may slay me, I TRUST YOU, MY HOLY GOD AND REDEEMER, for it is YOU I serve and no longer myself. Have YOUR way in me and through me, so YOU can receive more GLORY and HONOR.
I love YOU so much JESUS for sacrificing all for me. I praise YOU for choosing to redeem me from all that the enemy had planned for me. I give YOU GLORY and HONOR my KING, for setting my feet upon YOUR firm foundation. I give YOU me to do with as YOU see fit. Thank YOU for accepting me as YOUR LIVING SACRIFICE to carry the cross YOU have chosen for me to bear to the NATIONS!

Lifting HIS Banner Higher,

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