When asked what this means many Christians become lost for words. Some offer up words like “glory” or “light” or “fire”. Jews fair not much better by saying simply “the presence” (divine)

 In Judaism Shekina manifests itself as a form of joy.

Shekina come to rest upon the righteous, not on the “lazy” or “idle” conversationalists. With the Shekina comes the joy of obedience. Many who follow Yah's ways testify of how much happier they are then when they lived lives “their way” .


But did you know Shekina does not even apear in scripture at all, but is a rabbinic term coined in the medieval times to discribe events where God's physical presence was manifest. Shekina can best be rendered as “Him who dwells” (Hebrew Shakan – to dwell or settle ) There are only a couple of dozen references where the scriptures speak of God dwelling. All refer to the intimate moments making it obvious Elohim would prefer to have this intimate moment with His people.


Like a mother  who baths her baby, changes his soiled diapers , mends his scrapes and wounds, yet still gazes into his eyes laughing at the child's innocence and feeble attempts to communicate, she loves the child totally, unconditionally, even in later life. So is it with Elohim.



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