TESTIMONIES By Apostle Paul Johnson Asamoah
1.A Man came to the Church, Power Life Prophetic Ministries, yesterday Tuesday, who could not walk, waiting for his Doctor to come, a certain Old woman went there to witness him to the Church, and he came, immediately Apostle Paul Johnson Asamoah,saw the Man, he had compassion on him, to make sure that the Man walks through the power of our Lord Jesus, a thick tall Man, as soon as Apostle gave a direction, he fell under the Anointing and that was the end of his problem.

2. A sister called Doris could not eat or walk or talk for three days and they were rushing her to the Hospital, Kolebu, when passing by, they saw that it was a service day in the Church, when Apostle Paul Johnson Asamoah was giving direction with a Voltic water, and she got some of the Voltic water for direction, as soon as she got the Voltic water, that was the end of her problem, she can do every thing up to date. Today she has been going round to win souls for Christ, glory be to Almighty God.

3. On my trip to Kumasi, before I could reach there, every thing had been provide for me, which I my self could not do, I also did many things which I could not do in Accra.
Why I may saying this, where- ever God sent you, he has already made provision for you, according to Luke chapter ten, the Hotel that I was put, was one of the best Hotels in Kumasi, glory be to God Almighty.

4.The time I came from Kumasi trip, somebody, a woman, called me crying, saying that until they find the fellow, she is not going to work, but I prayed and I prophesied, that the two weeks man who has lost, wanted by police, within two hours time they called me that the man has been found and arrested. I want to announce to the whole world that no matter the case God can give answers. The same God is the answer to all. Anyone who had been to University will have little knowledge about the University, how much more God, that is why we call him all knowing God, He knows every thing about our Life.
Everything that concerns you the Lord will perfect it, because he knows.Brethens in the Lord, lets continues to eat from God’s table, so that He will use His mercy to cover us, His Church to cover us, His presence to cover us, His blood to cover us, etc. Why I ‘m saying so, the Lord is a strong tower, wherever you are I want you to call upon the name of the Lord, any one who has not accepted Christ must start now and say this with me, dear God I now acknowledge that am a sinner in your vineyard, it’s put me off from your presence, today am ready to accept you as my Lord and personal savour, to be whole in my doing in Jesus name, thank you Jesus for saving me, am now for you, I will serve you all my life. Amen. Get a Bible believing Church, nearby and attend, try to be obedient to God’s word there. God richly bless you in Jesus name.
If you want to be a part in this Ministry, you are welcome, daily support, weekly support, monthly support, yearly support, you are welcome. Email us through: pastorpaulasamoah@yahoo.com, Telephone: +233244657468.
P.O.BOX 55, James Town, Accra, Ghana. Our aim is to reach the whole world. We will make sure we send you materials as spiritual food, to see you as one of us, whelther in presidential, ministry, and business, parliamentary and in general. We will send you personal prophetic word for you, welther in CD, Email, Post Office, Phone; we are ever ready because you are our partner. The door is open 24 hours for you because you are our partner there is no distance in prayers or in the things of God, so let flow together, partner together in the things of God. There is no smoke without a fire, so test and see, many tested and got amazing results.

5. There was a widow woman who sow seed of ten dollars to support the work of God,
Apostle prophesied that there will be somebody who will come and take charge/support you of any thing you are in need in Life, and within three days, a certain woman met the widow from no where and asked her to give her the Church address she attended to open an account for her and to put money there for her. And she don’t know the address of the Church, but she come to the Church leaders to get the address, and now she told the widow that the account as been open with money inside the account. And she said any money she need for business she is ever ready to give the widow. She came to the Church weeping, this very last Sunday and I ask her in presences of the congregation why are you weeping? She said that the things that the Lord is doing for her are too much, because she don’t know the woman anywhere.

6. Hi,

I listened to your radio and your voice today. You are a very clear speaker! I know that you are a true man of God and that you will bring many people to know Jesus because of your desire to serve the Lord! God bless you Apostle Paul and know that I will be praying for you and your ministry!

Your sister in Christ, Cheryl, usa.

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Remember, Jesus is the answer to every problem in this World, please don't dulg, be under the Umbrella of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Note: We take this opportunity to pray for the Ministers/Churches, Bishops and their Wives, Business Men and Women, Presidents in each Country, and Families all over the World.
By Apostle Paul Johnson Asamoah.

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