What is a story?
1 an account of imaginary or real people and events told for entertainment.
2 an account of past events, experiences, etc. or an item of news.
3 informal a lie.

In the Word of God there are so many stories to tell, and if you read or hear the stories written in the Word of God, they will or can affect your life from that point of reading or hearing. A Bible story can move you to gain access to the Father, through His Son Jesus, or you can be trapped for an eternity with your father the devil.

In Genesis, you have the story of creation wherein God created the heavens and the earth in the first chapter.
In the 2nd chapter you have the story of where God made man in their image.
In the 3rd chapter you have the story of mans fall and eviction from the garden of Eden.
In chapter 6, you have the corruption of man, wherein God, repented that He had ever made man.
In the 7th chapter of how man was destroyed and drowned by a flood from rain lasting 40 days and 40 nights.
Then if you move to the 11th chapter you will find the story of how languages became confused.
In the 14th chapter God, makes a promise to Abram/Abraham.
In the 27th chapter Jacob stole a blessing through deception and in the 29th chapter his uncle Laban deceived him, and in this story you see what goes around comes around..
In the book of Exodus the 13th chapter there is a story of how God, led His people out of Egypt.
In the 20th chapter there’s the story of God giving the Ten Commandments, and these commandments govern lives.
In Deuteronomy the 1st chapter there is a story of Israel after they had their Exodus from Egypt.
In Deuteronomy the 2nd chapter you can find the story of how Israel wandered in the wilderness for 40 years.
In the book of Joshua the 6th chapter you have a story of how Joshua fought the battle of Jericho.
In 1st Samuel 4, you have the story of how the Phillistines capture the Ark of the Covenant, in the 5th God is provoked, and in the 6th the story of how the Ark is Returned.
In the book of the preacher, (Ecclesiastes) the 3rd chapter there is a story about how there is a time for everything under the sun.
In the book of Jeremiah the 3rd chapter the story of how God reveals through His servant the prophet about Israel’s pollution of the land playing the harlot, her faithlessness, and how He invites them to repent.
Jeremiah the 23rd chapter there’s a story of the coming messiah the Righteous Branch, and the false prophets.
In Lamentations you will find the story of God’s Anger over Israel and in the fifth chapter you will find a story about A Prayer for Mercy.
In the book of Ezekiel you wil find the story about Punishment for Wickedness Foretold, and another regarding God’s Grace to Unfaithful Jerusalem.

(To be Continued)

Bishop Doby

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