“my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge”
Hosea 4:6
During the winter of 1986, I was in Washington, DC to visit someone, and when it was time to leave I was taken to the airport for my departing flight, however while waiting to board; flights were being cancelled due to inclement weather, so I became a little weary about waiting for a subsequent flight. So I made up in my mind that I would change my method of travel back to New York, from plane to train. So I proceeded to Metro-Train station to board a train headed for Union Station. Upon arrival at the Metro-Train station I purchased a fair ticket, inquired of the agent what train I needed to catch to get me to Union Station. After riding the train to the designated stop, I made my way to the exit so I could enter Union Station, purchase an Amtrak ticket for my journey back to New York; but to my surprise I could not exit the train station. Now you hear of not being able to get in to a place, but getting out in my experience has not been an issue. I am now beginning to get irritated, being a New Yorker, and riding the New York Subway system for many years this experience is mind boggling to say the least. In New York you purchase your token and enter, and after having reached your destination you exit the train and the station; end of story. However, in DC after leaving the train I could not exit the station, and I could not understand why; so I went to one of the agents of Metro, and inquired of her as to how I could exit the train station, the agent will never be forgotten because she was quite curt, which further agitated me. The agent finally told me that I needed to use the fair ticket to exit the station, just envision my frustration mounting because when the journey first started, my flight was cancelled, now I am at a train station I can’t exit, and to be told the fair ticket I used to enter the station, was the same ticket needed to exit the station.

When you are not aware of something you have that will enable you to gain access to what you need or to where you need to be, the why, the when, the who and the how; it can make your life miserable; and it is all due to the fact one does-not know. Biblical Scripture, states this for our consideration: 1 Corinthians 12:1 ( KJV ) 1"Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant."

I along with so many other children of God have been ignorant to what was given to us by our Father God, through His son Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit, and we were given so many precious promises and precious things. The God tools that were given were not to always remove the unpleasant times or tribulations in our life, but to assure us that we do not have to give up, and we have authority to come into greater power, confidence, and victory that affords us a more stable walk while on our Christian journey. As a tradesman there are certain tools which enable me to effectively do my job in short time, as oppose to extended periods of time. Someone brought a specific tool to the job-site for me to use on a particular project and I was unaware the tool was there for my use; so I labored through six or seven hours to get the project completed, but if I was aware and had knowledge of the authority to use the tool brought for me, four to five hours would have been spent doing something else. How much time have we as Christians wasted because we were ignorant to the priviledge of authority given to complete what we have been commissioned to do. Therefore some have ran well, but did not finish, others toiled laboriously and suffered needlessly due to the fact of not knowing the authority and tools at there disposal. (to be continued)

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