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At the place where the corruption of mankind has reached its apex and the continuation thereof is no longer beneficial to national development; A YOUNG VIRGIN WOMAN EMERGES AND BECOMES RECEIPITENT OF A NEW SEED,WISDOM FOR ALL GENERATION. Approached by heavenly angels/messengers relative to her place of significance, she became terrified to learn that not only was she blessed and highly favored but that she was chosen to become the carrier the one whose wisdom would be in its purest form and whose ideals and concepts were original in nature. A SEED BENEFICIAL TO ALL CULTURE AND NATIONS. Her response, HOW CAN THIS BE HEN I DONT KNOW A MAN. Daughters, nothing I am about to say will negate the significance and value of the mailmen, of whom is created in Gods image. Yet at this place of divine moment, where corruption is at its highest, those ideals whose origin is found in man, are no longer sustainable to us as a people . Who therefore from amongst you , will dare to break the existing mold , norms and pattern and though exposing oneself to being vulnerable will nonetheless positing oneself and become the carrier of the seed that benefits generation next and indeed nations everywhere. Who amongst you remains sufficiently removed from the impact and effect of what has become worldly patterns and in this regard is not known by man, becomes primary candidates as carrier of THE EXCEEDING GLORY.(like marry, you too preserved your virginity)To not know a man is to forego the corrupt practices that has overwhelmed us with this present mess. What ideals, thoughts, and concepts are you carrying daily.. will not go away and you are so terrified for that which you dream and see internally, there is yet to be an external expression anywhere and you constantly question the legitimacy of your heavenly visit, because there is no reference pint to man...what lies within your womb that becomes the new wisdom for our day and beyond.. IT’S YOUR TIME TO BECOME

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