We will need to choose again between the path and the position.

We have many great and astounding heroes to study giving divine insight into a life with God. There is one, who has a speech, a teaching, a prophecy or maybe just a reflection of what God has given him in truth.

Joshua 23:11-16
Joshua 24:1-15

The warning is that a flood is come once and another cleansing is here. A fire will separate Gods sheep from the goats, and a great harvest will come out of a great tribulation. To be blind and without a guide to show the way is not to walk the divine path and to be lost. Isa 35:8 To argue about who is or who is not of God or Gods people, is foolish only God will choose like he did with Noah. You know in the beginning God was happy with just one man, Adam. Jesus said it is hard for a rich man to enter in and like his example of a camel to pass through the eye of a needle this word is something to ponder. Mans baggage, his worldly baggage of any kind is to be left behind and not be like lots wife who turned back and ended up in disaster. Take nothing and be ready and be not like the foolish virgins. Mt. 25

Set a watch for Jesus he is coming. Are you ready to go with Him or concerned about this world only? We are in this world but not of it. God is coming for His spirit and his children.

Position yourself with an eternal mind that knows who you are in Christ. The world has tried to take God out of everything, but can never separate you from His love not when you continually hold Him in your heart. We speak words that we all will be accountable for. God says words have power and you know His word does. Deut 30:11-15

Gods Command of life to Joshua is a choice to choose life or to choose death. He. 11:1 Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen, but if God revealed something is it to strengthen your faith or is that faith the faith of God or divine sight no one can reveal except God show it to you. Joshua was shown so many things a stone with eyes to increase his faith.

Zec. 3:9 Isa. 11:2 It was Jesus that was revealed to Joshua. Our Jesus who is with us today in Spirit and Truth by Gods grace showing us the way, God’s divine path and Gods position. Is our position that of life or death, and do we speak of a life on a righteous holy path?

Jesus did nothing without the Father. How can we do anything less? Jesus obeyed in complete obedience to the Fathers will. How can we do anything less? Jesus prayed until the answers came. How can we leave Gods presence until we can obey anything less than what Jesus wills? We have to again daily chose between the path we will walk and be mindful of all the positions we will take. Not to be blinded by what is happening around us or follow what everyone else is about. We must be about our Fathers business that of the harvest of souls being led to those whom God is choosing. God is speaking, listen.

The kingdom of God is come in the believing heart to do the will of God. The position is that if God be for us who could be against us even unto death and Jesus conquered that too. Like Abraham knew that God can raise the dead and nothing is impossible for our God. If you do not know this than your faith will be stretched until you will know it for God loves you too much to leave you behind. He. 12:1-4 Run the race set before you and look to Jesus to perfect your faith. You need a divine shepherd to lead and guide you.
Psalms 23

Jesus Christ restores, he leads in paths of righteousness for his name sake. We are all going to walk through the valley of death, but we all will not fear evil nor will we be bothered for Gods spoken word will comfort us as we are anointed by God, sealed and prepared to enter God kingdom that’s come for eternity. Daily say out loud Gods word in prayer to the Father give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our sins.

Blessings Steven

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