We will not be leaving here on January 24, 2010......we are here to serve you!!!!!!!

I want to thank each one of you for the quick response. I didn't know that I have an impact on this ministry and I feel really terrible that my approach was very negative and high-strong....I'm truly sorry that the email that I send out was in seems to be very distant and I should at least be more clear about who I am instead of leaving without giving you all the opportunity to become more involved with my company to help you all.

I take full responsibility for not trying hard to express my company in more detail and as of today, we are not going to leave this site; and going to make our website more clearer for those that are trying to have an internet ministry or company....we are...well I will be the one to contact.

But, to explain what we have to help, we at Crossheart Solutions are really working on the way to help each one of you to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost; and here's how:

1. We want each one of you to email us what type of internet ministry that you want. For example, next year we want to help each minister hear to preach to the thousands or millions, without flying to states or countries, if your budget can't afford to be everywhere; we want to help you broadcast your ministry "live" on a so-to-be cyberchuch that can use by the technology that we have to reach the entire planet; and we will have this on our television: The Awakening Television Network. More details will come soon.

2. After we get our website to be more clearer for understand, we want you to email us to see how can we serve you. Since we are an internet media company, if you are a recording artist or the minister of the Gospel who don't have video, yet; we want you to join our radio station: The Acts of the Gospel Radio Network(www.actsofthegospel.ning.com). We will get your sermons and music and have them playing on our station 24/7/365.

3. If you have music videos or sermons that you want us to play, email us the links or we will send you the website to download the videos so that we can have them on our television stations: Praise Him Television Network(www.praisehimtv.ning.com-gospel music videos) and the Awakening Television Network(www.awakeningtv.ning.com-church service 24/7/365).

4. If you don't have any of these that I mention, please join our networks; with your presents and support of anything that you do for the Body of Christ is very important to me and my company.....the more you involve, the better that we can send a message to the stations that are charging hard to the ministries to spread the Gospel to those in spiritual needs.

Once again...I want to express my sincere apology to all of you about my short falls and will be able to better to serve you all.

Cleveland Rhodes
Founder and President of Crossheart Solutions

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