This was written in response to the topic, "Women & Submission":First and foremost, the couple must submit to God. God must be first in their understanding of what is of ultimate importance to each. In their submission to God they learn to submit to each other to the glory of God. The man is the head, but just as 2 people cannot talk at the same time and achieve understanding, each must take turns listening to the other. The listening is submission. If the wife has a better idea for accomplishing a goal, wisdom should dictate that as the method to be taken. This does not diminish the man. This why it is so important to choose a Godly woman for a wife. Also, it is important to understand that in the Bible, man seeks a wife, women do not seek husbands! If a woman is being aggressive in seeking a man she is out of divine order. A Godly woman is a priceless gift and a Godly man will cherish her, not try to dominate her. As a matter of fact, a Godly woman will not allow herself to be dominated/abused by a man. If domination is his goal his Godliness should be questioned. The difference between dominion and domination is grace. Dominion is God given, domination is force. Single Christians should be very careful in choosing their mates. They need to take the time to see how their prospects walk with God. Do they belong to a body of believers? Do they tithe? Do they give of their time and talents to doing God's work? How long have they been doing it? Yes, be picky, on your choice rest your future happiness. In my conclusion, submission is a 2 way street that requires maturity to travel.

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