to all the followers of JESUS CHRIST (demons believe and tremble) be encouraged today,even as you pay close attention to the signs of the times,know that we must do all that HE has given us to do,take ALL the territory HE has given into our hands,(our family,community,nations & etc.) for HIS glory.We speak renewed strength and peace in JESUS name that we will be found faithful even to the end. Brothers & sisters no matter where you are in HIM go deeper, there is so much more to HIM than where you are ,what you know. We MUST cry loud and spare not. Zion must wake up out of her stupor.
Remain faithful even to the end. Bless you, again be encouraged,stay strong in the power of HIS might ,do not be ignorant to the devices of the enemy ,continue to fight the good fight of faith while keeping your relationship with HIM ever increasing ,
more than conquering in HS name

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