for give us our tresspasses as we forgive those who trespass against us ...............
in all things and must be able to for give //// my heart goes out all who made the contious effort to be christ-like this week end ///those of us who couldn't forgive ///are you showing your true colors /// have you forgave me 490x's

2theNcrease of Knowledge&Truth---BruthaPharoah

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I was wondering why nobody commented on this thread, so I brought it back up. This is a deep saying, who can hear it?

I hold no grudges against you, even when we disagree on many issues. You have done nothing to offend me.

Peace in Jesus
Sister Harris, if you could prove your believes by the Bible, there would be no disagreements. You and I both know from the scriptures it says keep the commandments. Listen, I fall short of keeping the commandments all the time. I see a good looking woman. I look at her. I try not to lust after her, but it happens. I love my wife, this flesh is an equal foe against the spirit. I sometimes slip up, and am a respecter of person. We fall short, but the thing is to not get discouraged, and keep on trying to do your best to keep the commandments. A just man will fall 7 times, but will he get back up. The Lord chastises who he loves.


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