This is going to be a very har subject for some. The basis of this conversation is based on discovery of popular preachers across the TV that call themselves women and men of God.

Jesus taught in the scriptures that when a man or woman is married, except for fornication, or death they cannot remarry as long as the spouse is still alive. Paul, along with Jesus, goes on to say that if that person remarries while the spouse is still alive, is an adultery and is in a continued state of adultery as long as they remain married. Many professed Christians, such as Randy and Paula White, we in such a condition, yet they are before people trying to tell others of the Love of Christ. This is wrong on so many levels until it is ridiculus. It violates the word of God on so many degrees until the devil is getting such a big laugh in deceiving people. How can a man or woman that has been divorced and remarried, calling themselves Christians, preach or teach others about the Love of God, when their lives do not demonstrate it? How can a man or woman preach or teach about thous shall not commit adultery when they are in an adulterous relationship after being divorced and remarried? Christ did not leave room in his word for a man to divorce his wife and remarry another while she is still alive. How can u call yourself a Christian, when u are in disobedience to God's word?

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Brother Minister (Adrian Lamar West, Sr),

Just for my own clarification (not because it matters to me), but can you state, for the record, your marital status. I read back through your posts and I don't see anywhere you stated that you divorced your "first" wife. As a matter of fact, I beleive you stated that you have been married for 15 years. If I am wrong, once again it is not to judge (not my responsibility), but I am shocked the single-mindedness in which Bro. Veals keeps calling your relationship "adulterous" which is, at the least, insulting to both you and your wife, but also in clear violation of one of the Ten Commandments. Please clarify for me please and God bless you.

Scott McGregor
IHAVE BEEN MARRIED SINCE JUNE 5, 1992, Too the former Lou Della Berrians, we are the proud parents of two teenage sons. I was not married before and have not ever been seperated/DIVORCED. So as i have stated before even on my BPN page. GOD BLESS YOU ALSO SIR...
I have gone back and traced this conversation. On Oct 16 Troy Purnell stated that he was a man of God that had gotten divorced, and was remarried. He said he was a preacher in this condition. I replied to him and u got in the mix. Some of your comments seem to be about not judging someone and I responded to u in a manner to let u know that the word of God already judges us. I see how my comments ended with u, b/c u were the one responding back. However, my comments were for Troy Purnell.

Again my apologies to u Adrian.
Hey my brother Kenon, sorry I didn't respond to you earlier but thought it might be wise to remain quiet for a time because of all the contention in the room so please forgive me. I was just commenting on your topic and said that it would make good discussion. I try and avoid these types of situations because to me the gospel is to be preached not debated in the courtyard amongst the saints. I joined this site for refuge and thats what I expect for us to provide for one another; I've read each comment and undoubtedly I perceive you all to be men and women of God, but I believe Paul said it best, " though I speak w/the tongues of men and of angels......" (1Cor 1-) So again Kenon, please forgive me for not responding back to you earlier than this. Love ya'll
Dear sir, I believe the contention comes, when we, as saints of God, see others, as yourself, in direct violation of God's word. In no way, am I speaking against u, personal, however, the sin condition/state, needs addressed. We cannot seek refuge in sin, or if our life is full of sin. We as saints of God do not in any way condone sin. I am sure that circumstances haven arisen in your life that maybe were out of your direct control, however God is still in control. Being in a double marriage and professing to be a man of God, is in direct opposition of each other. How can we tell others how to love our wives as Christ loved the church, when we ourselves have been divorced and remarried while our spouse is still alive. Paul called that adultery as Jesus did. So who are u called of to be a preacher of the gospel, when u are in direct disobedience to the word of God?

The questions that you are asking seem to be rhetorical, and condemning as opposed to seeking true edification. If we start disqualifying folk from service in the army of the Lord because they have divorced and remarried. We need to disqualify David who committed adultery and murder; but yet many of the Psalms David wrote after his heinous act are still being used in Christian liturgy. God even spoke of David as being a man after God's own heart. Let's disqualify the wisdom of Solomon because he had 700 wives and 300 concubines; if sexual misconduct rules out one's ability to be of service to God and humanity; we have to rule out Rahab the harlot who was Jesus' great grt grt grt grandmother, we have to rule out Jacob's contribution; because after he slept with Leah, he married her sister Rachel seven yrs., later in the end God named him Israel. We definitely have to discount Judah who slept with his daughter inlaw "Tamar" and ultimately Jesus came out of this lineage. In the very lineage of Jesus we have adulterers, a murderer, an incestuous relationship, two prostitutes................ Tamar and Rahab.................. If God didn't discount the people in Jesus' family tree who committed sexual indiscretions, and throw them and their contributions away. I think it would be very short sighted; as well as lethally judgemental for humans to start discarding people from the service of the Lord, for what appears to be violations of the prohibitions of the marriage institution. How many people never get a decree of divorce in the pulpit; but they have been divorced in their hearts for years and still have successful ministries? How many people have divorced God; by worshipping the shrine of their own opinions....... becoming Pharaseeic in their religion; yet denying the love, compassion and understanding that Jesus showed. Lastly in the event that a woman was caught in the act of adultery; Jesus never made issue of the fact that there was a man involved with this woman; nor did Jesus condemn the woman for her sin. If humans start disqualifying other humans from the service of the Lord for sexual indiscretions; or other sins i.e., anger, snobbishness, critical/judgemental, covetous, jealous, envy, insecurity, and the list goes on then there would be no clergy; nor would their be anyone for the clergy to work with. Jesus would not be able to return because the bride would be missing........................ It is so easy to take on a condemning, critical disposition................ I would hope that this network won't take on the old "Willie Lynch" paradigm and we waste valuable space tearing eachother down; as opposed to being prayerful for eachother, loving eachother; and if there be a need for correction...... that it be done in the spirit of love. We don't want to throw the baby out with the bath water. Amen.............. Amen............... Amen.....................

Rev. Wendell Leon Jackson, M.Div.
man you're dead on it. I'm at the brink of tears.... Thank You Jesus, for not disqualifying us! Whew, what a reminder.
God bless you, my friend.
Thank you for your thoughtful response. I have been surprised by the attitude expressed on this site. While I believe we should try an maintain high standards in our personal lives, I feel it is difficult to try and hold others accountable, when we see only the smallest portion of their life. This makes it difficult, in my opinion to say (at least with any certainty) HOW God views the life of this person.
In any case, let's try to build up that which should be built up and let God handle the rest.

Pastor Scott McGregor
You are welcome and on point Pastor........................ Amen.

Shalom, J 404-664-4987

Okay, let's see here, how do we respond to this one.....
Let me turn this one on it's head, nah let me pose another question, since when did Paula White become the paragon of piety, a halmark of homilietics? Since when has she ever demonstrated that she is even remotely concerned about the "least of these?"
Let's be real Black preachers, she and her other TV crownies ain't got our best intrest at heart. So why do we even give them rise in our disscussions and pages, and pulpits and Bible studies? They ain't speakin out on issues like racism, sexism, or classism which so often and heavily beset us. They aren't our leaders or heroes. Forget them. Who cares if she divorces or remarries?

Now as far as the larger question goes, let's really put the Lord's words in context and then we can arrive at a RESPONSIBLE answer from exegesis and not a contrived response carved out of human insecurity and the need to be able to manipulate (control, understand, and make tangible) a moved-mover (yes its a nuance to a cliche, but I believe God is moved by our missery and thus He appoints ministers and missionaries to do ministry). Let us all stop trying to cement a viable means of determining who is in relationship with God from selecting only a few choice scriptures (that too is heretical), and instead look at the Bible as a whole.

Lastly, it is not our task to be the fruit inspector. We can't tell wheat from weeds. Jesus even said it! It's not our job, we need to just preach God's love, and God's will and demonstrate compassion. If we would focus on loving God and each other we probably wouldn't ask these questions!

Now that I'm on my soap box let me ask this: What ought we as preachers say to our church culture which forces yes FORCES young men too marry to asume pastorates. We are often the blame for expediting marriages in house and then we want to judge the severance of a union we made and not God...... WE TRIPPIN' and unfortunanlty some of us gone bust hell wide open for this type of stuff! Let's stop judging, and start loving each other.


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