I would really love to know what and why do we as Christians love to debate with one another and with others outside of our religion? Gods word speaks for itself and we are not to debate with one another and for that case we are not to debate with anyone. I scrolled through a few discussions it is fine to stand in agreement and make your voice heard about something that is not right but when you have to start bickering or more like arguing back and forth and when you feel like you have to debate then you need to set order amongst yourself and whomever you are talking "debating" with. God is about to turn somethings around and stir somethings up so folks you better be getting this thing right... We can't sugar coat nothing and we cannot cut corners, we have to be straight forward with the truth and the truth is the truth and the truth will set you free... Be Blessed Everyone and hear the voice of the Lord... I speak peace into every household in Jesus name...

Prophetess Teresa White

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It depends on the context of the word. If you debate in the context of arguing, then we ought not to do that. But, if you debate in the context of reasoning with the other party, then its ok.
Truthfuly and Honestly I feel there is no need to debate Gods word because His word speaks for itself. If one would read his word to study and show thyself approved that debating thing is not needed.... Thanks for your comment... peace and blessings....
Debating in the context of reason is acceptable. Paul himself "debated" with the Greek Philosophers in Acts 17, and on many occasions with the Greek courts. Paul, and the Greeks were not yelling and arguing at each other, but each heard each others' case. This is true debating where reason dominates, and that is how debating should be done

God bless
I don't know myself..the reason why i believe why they debate is..because there are so many preachers out there that love to change the word around...and make it think it was biblical..which they they need to watch with changing gods word around and know god did not say that...see now when they get to heaven that can be held against them...
Sometimes you know I think some start debating and don't even realize they are debating. You it is one thing of clarifying the word of God with someone who do not understand but when you have to sit there and go back and forth with someone about the word of God that is just not right you know. Most definitely they better stop trying to take away and add to Gods word because they will be punished and God will surely handle him or her. I see it like this God word speaks for itself and if one would study to show thyself approved like his word says then they would not have to even think about debating, and if they would Lean not to their own understanding and acknowledge Him in all their ways he will direct their path... God is just so awesome and so wonderful we just have to be obedient to him and hear his voice and do what he says... We must walk the walk and talk the talk and reach out the lost souls and not push them away. If a lost soul see "Saved Folks" debating they are not going to want to take part in going over to the christian side you know they going to want to know what am I getting myself into you know. But we as one int he Body of Christ must be mindful at all times amen.... Peace and Blessings....


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