I know this should spark a good discussion. I open this conversation for an opportunity to review and share your perspective and views.

I'm a Dem. (by choice) and I have been watching the race closely as things become interesting. Question? Why is it that Hillary takes the African American vote for granite? Time after Time she sends Bill in to rally the ol' guard to get the support, but will not show up herself, why is that? Why has some of our Civil Rights leaders, who claim to have fought for the DREEAAAM!!! to reach this point when we could have a good candidate, who is African American to run in the race and they refuse to support him because they feel we are still entitled and owed Bill for his years in office. Bill is not Hillary. Hillary ain't no Bill. History is repeating itself. We pray for the opportunity, which is then granted, and we refuse to accept and go back and pray again.

People, this is the closest time we have been to seeing the Dream come to life and instead of celebrating, we sit back and ask the question "is this the one or is there another?" I'm a supporter, but I'm not suggesting who you should vote but that you need to vote. We have complained tooooooo long about what is going on and we need to get involved or we will be left behind again. What am I saying? Don't give your vote away, but let it be earned. Learn what each person is saying and how you feel about it. You have a voice, you can say what you from your candidate, and you do count.

I think it is amazing what history is occurring in front of our eyes. People are forsaking color and looking for who is best to represent and not concerning themselves with the candidate of entitlement who you will not see in your church anytime soon. a recent CNN report qouted Hillary as saying, "I'm send Bill because he knows how to speak to them and he is carrying my message." I don't know how you take it but you decide. If you have not registered...do it now. If you are not informed....seek answers now. Do the research and make your decision. This is not an endorsement but a challenge to get involved.

PS.......This is News/Events. Todays News is yesterday's history...be careful who writes your history or you may become history.

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I am a supporter of Obama. Yes, I realize that no man or woman is perfect expecially to be called to such a high office as this one. But it sures seems to be a lot of controversy since the 1st Black President has come into office. I wonder why we were not issuing or standing in the last 30 years in which this country has been ran by supreme white males, and no questions or concerned were raise. I come to understand we people of God should follow your beliefs but know this that even in your beliefs there are some governing laws in the world which states the polices. You made your choice.

But when you choose to vote which truly is a choice, If you walked closed with the issues that were on board and wanted to be a good citizen by casting your vote, that the picture was clearly painted as to what choices were to be made. Those choices clearly outlined a Dem or Rep agenda. The choice is yours! Which agenda supports your stake holder responsibility. All became stakeholders in this election. The people of America have spoken and that settles it. Amen.
It is said that in a democracy, the people get the leader they deserve. So....every president that we have had....we deserved that president. The good, the bad and the ugly of that president. The problem with limiting God to a republican or democrat is that we Believers act like we cant rally together to start our own party ... in a "DEMOCRACY". We truly believe that we are stuck with two tweedles and sit back and let it happen.

It is erroneous to think that I am raising an eyebrow because Obama is Black. My eyebrow is raised because of the platform the he or Hillary or McCain or Palin or my mayor, or our chief justice or any other elected official supports. I don't vote party, I vote person and some of the people in office are either a-moral or immoral in their decisions. Christians are so afraid to say what they don't like about Obama because people will think they are raising a roucus because he is Black. Are you kidding me? I was overjoyed about a Black man being elected our 44th. Look how far we've come...but uhm...now that we are in the White House can we not just support people of color...can we also support God's governing principles? That's just my two cents

But also... I love this country and do not take our liberties for granted. I am thankful for the democracy. I am thankful for the right to cast a vote as a woman and as a Black woman. I am thankful that the election is now over because no matter who stepped into office, as a Believer I am obligated to support them in prayer. I am obligated to speak up against injustice done to them as well as injustice done by them. President Barak Hussein Obama II is MY president by the election process in America. And I will uphold God's principles of how to act towards thoses in leadership. As well as continue to wave a biblical flag before them and hold them accountable for how they run this blessed nation of ours. (McCain would have been just as controversial for me if he had been elected...but I would treat him just as I treat Obama now)

Food for thought: Take a moment to read Romans 1:16-32.... Do you see America in any of that? This is not a passage that merely condemns homosexuality...it condemns the rejection of God (verse 28). Lastly, verse 32 concludes that those who have lifestyles of what is on the list... deserve death. (for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. They reject God and therefore accept the penalty of sin...) But don't forget the latter part of verse 32. It reads "and although they KNOW the ordinace of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of deathy...THEY NOT ONLY DO THE SAME, BUT ALSO GIVE HEARTY APPROVAL TO THOSE WHO PRACTICE THEM.

It is because of those who give "hearty approval" of the people who practice the wickedness due to rejecting God that our nation is as it is today. It is THIS reason why I speak against specific portions of the Democratic Platform. Because they give "hearty approval" to actions and lifestyles that blatantly reject God. So much so that they are fighting for legisltion for rejecting God. But believers don't want to stand up against such paradigms because they feel there should be a separation of church and state or that you can't legislate morality. While unbelievers are working around the clock to legislate immorality.

My question is that while the kingdom of God is suffering this violence...where are the violent that are willing to fight back for God?

God Bless America.
I never was for Barack, and never will be! I can never support a man that allows for gay "Bishops" to pray at your inauguration parties (V. Gene Robinson), that has the first bill that he passes to legalize US tax money for abortions worldwide, that censors and edits every prayer that is said before any event he has.

I'm Theocratic, not Democratic!


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