The black church as we know it is the only institution in the black community that is still the last one to do away with segregation and seperation, in the Black church we do not let our women in the pulpit i must be honest a women can preach to me she can't pastor me. I have not been converted on that issue yet.

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Genesis 3:16
To the woman he said, “I will greatly increase your labor pains; with pain you will give birth to children. You will want to control your husband, but he will dominate you.”

Part 1
Heb “and toward your husband [will be] your desire.” The nominal sentence does not have a verb; a future verb must be supplied, because the focus of the oracle is on the future struggle. The precise meaning of the noun תְּשׁוּקָה (tÿshuqah, “desire”) is debated. Many interpreters conclude that it refers to sexual desire here, because the subject of the passage is the relationship between a wife and her husband, and because the word is used in a romantic sense in Song 7:11. However, this interpretation makes little sense in Gen 3:16. First, it does not fit well with the assertion “he will dominate you.” Second, it implies that sexual desire was not part of the original creation, even though the man and the woman were told to multiply. And third, it ignores the usage of the word in Gen 4:7 where it refers to sin’s desire to control and dominate Cain. (Even in Song of Songs it carries the basic idea of “control,” for it describes the young man’s desire to “have his way sexually” with the young woman.) In Gen 3:16 the Lord announces a struggle, a conflict between the man and the woman. She will desire to control him, but he will dominate her instead. This interpretation also fits the tone of the passage, which is a judgment oracle.

The Hebrew verb מָשַׁל (mashal) means “to rule over,” but in a way that emphasizes powerful control, domination, or mastery. This also is part of the baser human nature. The translation assumes the imperfect verb form has an objective/indicative sense here. Another option is to understand it as having a modal, deliberatively nuance, “but he will want to dominate you.” In this case, the Lord simply announces the struggle without indicating who will emerge victorious.

This passage is a judgment oracle. It announces that conflict between man and woman will become the norm in human society. It does not depict the NT ideal, where the husband sacrificially loves his wife, as Christ loved the church, and where the wife recognizes the husband’s loving leadership in the family and voluntarily submits to it. Sin produces a conflict or power struggle between the man and the woman, but in Christ man and woman call a truce and live harmoniously (Eph 5:18-32).

Part 2
The subject of the two seeds of Genesis 3 cannot be suppressed nor can Eve's relation and connection with the Serpent be evaded. For in it we are enlightened on the true doctrine of the Original Sin — that which brought about the Fall of Man. We cannot miss what the Spirit had written concerning the woman's sorrow in conception and in childbirth; and that her desire would be to her husband who would henceforth rule over her. In His divine judgement, God meted the punishment to fit the crime. Why did God employ the pain of childbirth? What is the purpose of using the word "conception"? How about the word "desire"? Anyone who has the spirit of discernment would be able to see and understand what the whole chapter of Genesis 3 is all about.

There is great spiritual blindness among ministers of the Gospel. Though they declare that the "seed of the woman" (who was the seed of promise) prophetically refers to Jesus Christ, yet they rule out any progeny from the Serpent. (They are consistent in inconsistency!) How could they deny that the Serpent had his seed when the Word of God specifically stated that both — the Woman and the Serpent — have their respective seeds?

The word "seed" is from the Hebrew word "zera" which means "seed, fruit, plant, posterity", from "zara" meaning "bear, conceive seed". The same word in Greek is "sperma", which means "that which is sown, the germ of anything, children, offspring, posterity, progeny, descendants". The word "zera" is translated as "posterity" in the Lamsa Translation, and "offspring" in the Amplified Translation and the New Berkeley Version.

Many maintain that the woman does not have any seed and that it is biologically impossible for the woman in Genesis 3:15 to have any seed. Yes, it is a scientific fact that a woman does not have any seed. However, the "seed" in Genesis 3:15 refers to that seed which the woman had been impregnated with by Adam as opposed to the seed implanted in her by the Serpent. Because Eve came forth from Adam's side, she was thus a part of Adam. Therefore that which was Adam's seed was rightfully also Eve's seed, which was Abel. And Cain, who was not of Adam, was not her seed in any way. Hence, Eve was only able to say that she had "gotten (not begotten) a man from the Lord" (Gen.4:1). Cain was the seed of the Serpent. The Serpent, in seducing Eve, intruded on Adam's garden (cf. Song of Solomon 4:12,16; 5:1; 6:2) and implanted that physical seed. Eve, in eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, brought forth the fruit of Death from her womb.

• Note: Jesus Christ was neither of Mary, nor of Joseph. Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary, not begotten of Mary (cf. Mat.1:16). He was supposedly the son of Joseph (cf. Luk.3:23). Our Lord Jesus was begotten of the Almighty God, our Heavenly Father (cf. Jhn.1:14; Acts 13:33). Hence, the revelation that the ovum of Mary was totally bypassed to bring about the sinless nature of the body of Christ in the Virgin Birth is true. The whole genetics belonged to God alone; not a slightest bit was of the fallen nature of Mary.
Dr. Gadsden,
Your class is definitely in session. Let me digest, before i reply
The explanation of the scriptures is of God not me. We must abandon man thoughts and gain spiritual understanding from God so society can move forward to the Kingdom which has set before us.
I will bless the Lord at all times and his praises shall continually be in my mouth. God is truly worthy and worthy to be praised. Well we must say that God has all control... Man must know that control thing is part of witchcraft and when u operate in witchcraft you cannot operate for the Lord....No man nor woman has the authority to stop male nor female from stepping into the pulpit. God called them chosen them and also he appointed along with anointed them to preach his word and to do work for Him "God not man himself. So when we come across these issues we must say God please remove all of this confusion in the name of Jesus. Lord show me what's right and what's wrong. in Jesus name.... Many folk today are stuck in tradition and they are operating in the flesh and God is about to expose those in the pulpit as he showed me in the Spirit. Peace N Blessings Everyone... I believe those that feel like women cannot step int he pulpit God has something set for them...

Prophetess Teresa White
The prophet (Prophetess) of the 21st century has spoken the exact words that has been spoken in the Bible. We must gain spiritual understanding before we set traps for the opposite sex., out of fear.
Sis. White,
May you be released, not from being denied to Preach from the pulpit, but thinking that the pulpit is the pinnacle point or a requirement of those who have been called to minister. We spend too much time worried, carring grudges, harboring headaches, and storing bad memories because we feel as if we have to be in the pulpit. if man's need to control is part of witchcraft, what is carrying the need to be a pundint of the pulpit? Your ministry was given to you from God, therefore go forth and let no one stop you because you are under the covering of God. No weapon.......If you stop giving attention to those issues and things that deal with the pulpit and carry out God's plan for your life. .......I have a seven year old son who ministered to me one day. We were at Walmart and he stated that he had to used the bathroom and felt that he could go by himself, I decided to follow him. As he finished he realized that the toilet did not have a handle, he turned and asked "Daddy, how do i get rid of my mess? I replied "to get rid of mess, you just turn and walk away. When you leave, the mess get rid of itself. That's what you need to do.....I know that those women who do what God has commanded them to do without worrying about the pulpit is already doing what God commanded them to do......When you see our Father, he won't asked you how many pulpits did you preach from, but did you carry out my word. I would not want to use the excuse, that they did not let me in the pulpit.

submitted in love and faith that you will prosper in his grace and mercy.
Rev. Moore


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