As I was in service this morning during second service I heard the voice of the Lord speak to me and say would my people get dirty for me. He just had to me to look about around my surroundings where there were folk who seem to be to good to open their mouth to say thank you. Folk who seem to be to holy to lift up their hands. Folk who seem to be to holy to lay prostrate before him... Will you get dirty for me saith the Lord?
Ex:: He or She have on a white 500 dollar suit and God say drop to your knees and worship me there should not be any doubt in your mind you should stop right there wherever you are around whomever you are around and do as you hear the voice of the Lord telling you to do. Now if someone cannot get dirty for God why do folk expect God to get dirty for them when he steps in folks dirt everyday heloing them clean up their mess???

Just to give you all something to think about and when you on that praise row and you see folk looking at you crazy that mean your praise have to get even crazier lol... Peace N Blessings Everybody... Enjoy what the Lord has for you and not take anything for granted... I Love You all with the Love of the Lord....

Prophetess Teresa White

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