this picture is to illustrate what is not going on with God and satan. this is what happens when we as christians in the body of Christ.Think that we are more important than the other members of the body the apostle Paul spoke on this in his letter to the Corinthians one of the main problems of the first century Corinthian church was division. the church was divided among at least four factions, each of them aligned with one of four prominent Christian leaders. One group identified with Paul the apostle,a second group identified with Apollos, third group with Cephas, another group with Cephas(peter)..Paul did not commend any of the groups not even the I am of Christ faction. Paul uses three rhetorical questions,each expecting to have a negative response to show the absurdity of the Corinthian divisions 1 Is Christ Divided? 2 Was Paul crucified for you? 3 Or were you Baptized in the name of Paul? We might be tempted to write this off as those silly immature Corinthians if it were not fore the mere fact that the tendacy to exalt dynamic speakers.teachers,preachers,worshipers,prevails even to this dayPeople wake up pay attention to the message not the messanger.You are having quarrels over trivial things calling it a debate, The bible speaks the truth as it is and was and is to come.Where it states that the woman was deceived and not the man(Adam And Eve) 1 Timothy 2:14.You will have some try and teach you that God see's us as male stronger,Female weaker Etc. not really He formed man in His image and likeness and said it is not good for man to be alone so then He created woman and she came from the rib of man to be his helpmeet.God was so masterfull in His making woman she did not come from the dust but the rib of man so you could understand that she is to be next to you.Not left behind not to walk over her.not to give her second class staus.In Ministry in the home work place.Some of you men of God need to check your Bible and do more reading on this subject about womans role in the Bible you have God twisted and in a little box.The God i serve, My God is awesome He resides in the heavens He needs not mans approval for anything.Not who He chooses to lead a group or a nation.He is soveriegn.He is the Potter we are the clay...Ministers of God preach and teach what the bible says not what you believe it means. you can't back it up hit me up and we will find the quotation you are looking for together.Amen! we as ministers,Pastors we have more of a charge to us that is called for than just being saints.Woe be unto the pastors Jeremiah 23, Ezekiel 34:4-12.. In His Service
Pastor Robert

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