I feel that somehow the meaning or intents of the words, care and control is lost within the minds of children. To control someone you are restraining or taking direction over, so if I won’t allow you to do something that could cause you harm or pain am I doing that to control you? Well, answer this, then
Is it control or caring when you can’t wear the pants I provided you with, hanging off your behind?
Is it control or caring when I wouldn’t let you have boys in your room in the home provided for you?
Is it control or caring when I won’t let you hang out all night risking the safety I provide you within the parental structure? Is it control or caring when I won’t give you what you want but always provide you with every necessity of life you need?
Overall, CARE is defined as worry, caution, and serious attention, protection, to be concerned and to make Provision!!!!
So the question Am I controlling you or caring for you?
Care is when:
I show concern for you
I protect you
I show you not somewhat but serious attention
I am cautious about you
I am genuinely worried about you
I make provisions for you

Is this not the responsibility of a parent? This is what a parent does, not all parents but the majority. When parents care for their children this allows the child all that they need to grow and have a life of purpose and fulfillment, instead of being broke working for scraps as the prodigal son was. Children need to understand parents are not controlling them but caring for them always.

Just as God the Father does for all of us, His Commandments are not to control us but give us the Provisional tools we need to have a life full of happiness. Can I get an Amen somebody!

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