Now, I know Paul and some of the others were apostles, and we all say Apostle Paul and Apostle John, and so forth. That is tradition, but unscriptural. The word "apostles" in the Bible is never capitalized and never used as a title. You will not find it before any person's name as in Apostle Paul or the Apostle Peter. Nowhere! Apostle is a MINISTRY OFFICE ...NOT a TITLE!!!

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I think maybe the topic title of this should be more so leaning towards "Should apostle be used as a title" because your title gives the impressions of if there should or shouldn't be apostles today. BUT, nevertheless, good topic.
The reason I titled it the way i did , was I WANT some of the "self-apointed" Apostles to respond. Do I think there are Apostles today...NO! Is "Apostle" a title? NO! If youstudy the Book of Acts the successors to Apostles were ELDERS...Paul directed that ELDERS (Mature MEN of God) be chosen to lead the New Covenant Church. Jesus had Apostles to ESTABLISH the Church and write the New Covenant.
I see. Okay.
C. I. Scofield said in his notes in the "Old Scofield Bible", "There is no instance of one elder in a local church.... Elders are made or set in the churches by the Holy Spirit (Acts 20:28). At first they were ordained by an apostle (Acts 14:23), but in Titus and 1 Timothy the qualifications of an elder become part of ......the Scriptures for the guidance of the churches.
When Jesus remarked that we should not call others "Rabbi," "Father," or "Teacher" [Mat. 23:8-10]. I think he was specifically criticizing the use of titles.
I agree and this is an epidemic in our churches today, we are so filled with self-importance...Jesus is an after thought and the Pulpiteers are exalted. Jesus chose men and women of humble means for a reason...we should learn from this!


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